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How to Use Chrome to Play premium music/videos on newer Mac Devices

Enjoying the sheer performance of the new Mac devices with ARM-based Apple Silicon M1? You might have noticed or at least heard that Chrome is facing an error while playing premium music or videos on new Mac devices. Apparently, it is due to a change in the instructions from x86_64 to arm64. Some of the users are also getting prompts to install a software called Rosetta to enable playback with ease. Here’s what you must do.

Apparently, Google Chrome prompts users to install or launch Rosetta Installer directly. Once you do it, you will be able to play premium music and videos on Google Chrome without any hassle. This is a pretty straightforward method as you just have to install Rosetta. There’s a manual method available as an alternative and here’s how you can go through it.

Step 01: Firstly, open the Finder application on your Mac device.
Step 02: Tap on ‘Go’ from the top menu.
Step 03: Select ‘Go to Folder’ from the Go menu.
Step 04: You need to type this code in the Go to Folder input box: /System/Library/CoreServices
Step 05: Next up, you need to click on Rosetta 2 installer from the resulting files.
Step 06: You need to follow the instructions as mentioned on the screen to install Rosetta.
Step 07: Finally, restart Google Chrome and enjoy premium music/video playback.

What is Rosetta?

Rosetta Translation
Image via Apple Developer

Rosetta from Apple is an application that helps improve the compatibility of programs on newer Mac devices. Rosetta is a translation application that translates instructions from x86_64 instructions to arm64. In simple terms, the x86_64 instructions are executed by Intel chips while arm64 instructions are executed by newer arm64-based chips (Apple M1).

Rosetta is a transparent translation application that translates programs running on x86_64 to the newer arm64 which the Apple M1 executes. Rosetta also allows programs/apps that don’t support arm64 architecture yet. When running an application with only Intel instructions, Rosetta translates it into the newer arm64 instructions and launches this module instead of the original one. But translation may take some time and thus, users might perceive it as the apps are loading slowly which isn’t the case.


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