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How To Record a Zoom Meeting without Asking for Permission

Many businesses have gone online in the midst of the pandemic for the benefit of their employees’ safety and health. Many institutions and schools, in addition to corporations, have included online learning in their curriculum. Zoom, an online meeting program, has grown in popularity as more businesses and schools go online.

Companies can use Zoom to organize virtual business meetings, and schools can use it to offer courses. Some people, on the other hand, find it exhausting to scribble down notes from meetings or lectures from their homes. As a result, many people prefer to record Zoom meetings so that they may review them afterward. You cannot, however, do so without the authorization of the host.

Step-by-step Guide to Record a Zoom Meeting Without Permission

You can’t record Zoom meetings without the host’s authorization, as previously stated. Fortunately, there is a different way to go about it. And this is done with the help of the iTop Screen Recorder Let’s look at how to use the software to record a Zoom meeting with the screen recorder for PC.

iTop Screen Recorder

Step 1: Get the iTop Screen Recorder software.

First and foremost, make certain that you have downloaded the software. Make sure you click the Free Download option shown in green after visiting the link. Make sure to double-click the setup file after downloading it to install it.

Step 2: Launch the Zoom app and join the conference.

Join the Zoom conference you want to record after installing the iTop Screen Recorder software on your PC. Open the software and go to the next step after attending the meeting.

Step 3: Select the screen icon from the drop-down menu.

Open the app and select the white-highlighted Screen icon. Also, make sure to select an appropriate frame size or aspect ratio for recording the Zoom meeting. By clicking on the inverted arrow, you can change the frame size and aspect ratio. By selecting Full Screen, you can also record the complete screen of the Zoom meeting.

Step 4: Make any necessary adjustments to the speaker settings.

If you want the host’s voice to be included in the recorded Zoom meeting, which you probably do. Then, in the iTop Screen Recorder, make sure the ON text is visible under the speaker icon. Before recording the Zoom meeting, you may also alter the speaker settings by clicking on the music icon below the screen icon.

Slide the bar to the right if you want more volume, and to the left if you want a lower volume.

Step 5: Take notes during the meeting.

To record the meeting, click the REC button after you’ve adjusted all of the parameters. You can also record by pressing F9 on your keyboard, which is a defined shortcut.

iTop Screen Recorder 2

Step 6: Bring the recording to a close.

Click the Done button once to finish recording the Zoom meeting.

Step 7: Take a look at the videos.

Videos are automatically saved when using the iTop Screen recorder. To see whether you have any, go to My Creations and edit or play them. You can also record a Zoom meeting and take screenshots during it. Simply press the camera icon or F11 to do so.

It’s a quick tutorial on how to use the iTop Screen Recorder to capture a Zoom conference without permission.


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