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A guide to hero boosting in Destiny 2  

With each release of the Seasonal Update, Bungie adds Destiny new content. These are not just regular balance changes, but a full-fledged development of the plot with new locations, raids and modes. Along with this, the developer often experiments with the pumping system. If earlier there were only hero levels, now the main indicator is “Strength”. levels have also been added to this indicator battle pass.

Strength in Destiny 2 is the average of your attack and defense stats, calculated from the eight items equipped on your character. The higher the number, the more damage you deal and are able to withstand. You can increase your strength with the help of items that fall from almost all activities in the game. But the most valuable items are available at the final stage content.

To pump all these indicators and reach the final content takes a lot of time and effort. You can play on your own by creating a character from scratch. But what if you need to upgrade an alternate character and don’t have the time? In this case, the ideal solution would be pumping through vow of the disciple boost. This is a paid service on a third-party site that involves buying another person’s time. Player Destiny will go under your character and swing until they reach the desired goal. You can order not only the leveling of the hero, but also getting rare achievements, items, closing difficult raids or PVP modes.

Changes in Destiny 2 character leveling

With the release of the new season, Bungie will change some of the nuances of leveling the hero:

  • Soft and hard caps will be increased to the next level. The item levels of characters who are lagging behind in the passage will be adjusted to the current one.
  • Engrams with powerful weapons and armor now drop from Gambit and Crucible, making it easier to reach the hard cap.
  • There will be a new season battle pass, which will add unique models of weapons and equipment, as well as increase the amount of dust obtained for crafting parts.
  • The mechanics of ghosts (pets) has been reworked. Now they can add modifiers to the amount of experience or currency gained.

The main way to upgrade a hero is to complete contracts. These are weekly quests that give a lot of experience, valuable loot and resources.are reset every week Quests, allowing you to complete them again. There are a lot of similar tasks in the game, so you should pay attention only to the most valuable ones:

  • Crucible (Tower);
  • Gambit (Tower);
  • Vanguard (Tower);
  • Variks (Tangled shore);
  • Uldren Sov (Europe).

Most of the contracts can be completed automatically by doing daily activities in the game. Others will need to focus more. Any of the contracts can be skipped, but then you will lose experience. After completing all the tasks on the main character, you can move on to twinks. Progression in Destiny 2 is account-wide, i.e. battle pass swings from all your heroes. In Destiny 2, you have to grind a lot tounlock all the items. This is especially true for the battle pass. The rewards you receive stay with you forever. And those that remained not open after the end of the season can no longer be picked up. And in this case, boosters will help replenish the collection with valuable items, which will pump the character under all contracts, close weekly activities so that at the end of the week you can get the maximum level reward.


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