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How to Put a Parental Lock on Your Netflix Profile

Are you not interested in sharing your watch list with others? You feel like your choices might make people judge you! Like you don’t want anyone to know that your favorite show is YOU and that you sympathize with Joe Goldberg. So, to stop all those prying eyes of your friends from barging into your Netflix profile, here a very cool feature introduced by the company called a parental lock. Now with this feature, Netflix allows you to set up PIN locks on your Netflix profile to restrict anyone to access it.

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Let’s Discuss How it Works

The best way of setting up a PIN lock on your Netflix profile is by visiting its official website.

Here are the necessary steps that you need to follow to set-up a PIN lock on your Netflix profile:

  • Go to the official Netflix website and select the ‘Account’ option on the dropdown menu.
  • On your ‘Account’ page, you’ll find a ‘Profile and Parental Controls’ option when you’ll scroll down and click on the arrow next to the profile you want to have a PIN lock on.
  • Now under the profile, you’ll find a ‘Profile Lock’ option. Click on the ‘Change’ option next to it.
  • Afterwards, you’ll be asked for your Netflix account credentials. Enter the credentials, after which you’ll find the option of setting a profile lock.
  •  Now you need to enter a 4-digit security PIN, after which select the option of ‘Require a PIN to access XYZ’s profile’. You can even select the option that requires a PIN code for creating a new profile. Hit the save button, and now you have shielded your profile.
  • So, now if you visit your profile, you’ll see a lock icon under it. All you need to do is to click on your profile picture and enter your security PIN to let the app allow you access to your favorite shows and movies.
Source: How to Geek

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How to Recover a Profile Lock PIN

By any chance, if you forget your PIN lock, click on the Forgot PIN? Option at the bottom of the PIN entering box. You’ll get your PIN retrieved on the registered ID. Even for editing your profile, you’ll need this PIN lock.

This is a brilliant feature as it enables you to watch any content of your choice without getting apprehensive about what people might think. It even allows parents to have control of the quality of content that their kids are viewing lately by restricting their control to profile by the parents’ permission. Thanks to Netflix for taking care of this problem, and letting their customers have the best out of this app.


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