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How to Enable OEM Unlocking on any Android Smartphone

Rooting an Android smartphone requires many prerequisites out of which, OEM Unlocking is one of the main processes. While being completely easy to enable OEM Unlocking, many don’t know how to enable the same, so, today, I’ll be guiding you on how to enable OEM Unlocking on any Android smartphone.

The Use of OEM Unlocking

  1. OEM Unlocking is used primarily for unlocking Bootloader on any Android smartphone.
  2. It is an essential part of the operating system as it protects from any unknown users and happenings.
  3. OEM Unlocking is very important for the process of rooting or any other such operations.
  4. It provides identification certificates and credentials for security purposes.

Enable OEM Unlocking Steps

  1. Go to the ‘Settings‘ application.
  2. Search or scroll to the ‘About phone‘ option.
  3. Scroll to the “Build number” of your device.
  4. Keep tapping on it until it says ‘you are now a developer‘ on the same page.
  5. Go to the home page of the ‘Settings‘ application.
  6. Search for the ‘Developer Options‘ tab.
  7. Scroll to the ‘OEM Unlocking‘ category tab.
  8. Enable the toggle of the ‘OEM Unlocking‘ option.
  9. OEM Unlock has been enabled successfully on your Android smartphone.


If you have a stock Android phone, then these steps will be a straight forward procedure but, if you have a smartphone having custom skins like MIUI, Realme UI, then either use search in settings or find the above in the additional settings tab.

Lastly, dropdown your views, comments, or any feedback for further assistance, and we shall see you in the next one.


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