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Google’s Phone App May Be Renamed as Google Call With a New Four-colour Icon

Google recently brought its Android dialer to non-Pixel smartphones and made a change to its Playstore listing. Now, the tech giant wants to rebrand its Phone app and give it a new name and logo. The Phone by Google app — as listed officially on Playstore — will soon become Google Call and feature a new logo with four Google colors. This information came after a new YouTube ad revealed a new name and logo of Google’s Phone app.

A new ad emerged on YouTube with a download link for the Google Phone app but with a new name — Google Call — and a four-color icon. It hints that Google’s Android dialer will be soon be rebranded with a new name and icon. However, this new icon is not yet live on Google Playstore or any other website.

Google Phone App Features and Rebranding

Google's Phone App May Be Renamed as Google Call With a New Four-colour Icon
Image courtesy: Reddit

The technology giant made its Phone app available to non-Pixel devices quite recently. The YouTube ad for this app highlighted a feature named “reliable caller ID” and included a screenshot of the same. The feature description read, “Know who’s calling.” But this feature is already available on the Google Phone app, and it does not show anything out of the ordinary. However, the ad’s upper-right corner showed a new logo with Google’s four default colors, followed by “Google Call.”

This hints that Google aims to rebrand this app as the company has recently rebranded its whole family of productivity tools and Google Workspace apps. Google recently changed its family of productivity apps to Google Workspace for those of you who don’t know. Now, all the communication apps like GmailMessages, Duo, Google Phone app come under the same umbrella. This led to the departure of Google’s iconic logos, like Gmail and Drive. All of these new logos and icons are now designed in Google’s four default colors.


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