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Google Meet Now Allows Meeting Organisers to Approve Knocks in Bulk

Google Meet is one of the top popular video conferencing services in the market, and it is still evolving. Last month we saw Google Meet launch breakout rooms to aid distance learning as the world now moves from physical classrooms to virtual ones. Now, Google has announced the launch of a new feature for its Meet platform that lets you approve knocks in bulk. However, this new capability will be available only to meeting organizers and not the other members. The company says this feature will help limit the interruptions during the call.

If you don’t know what “knock” or “knocking” means, then to say in simple terms, knocking refers to the process of requesting to join a meeting. In other words, “knock” is a feature that lets users ask to join Google Meet meetings. And, if the meeting organizer rejects your request, you won’t be able to request it again.

Feature Details and Availability

Google Meet users who have received the new feature will see an ‘Admit all’ button below pending join requests. This will allow them to accept all ‘join’ requests at once, thereby limiting the interruptions during the ongoing call. Also, the meeting organizers can use ‘Deny all’ to reject all knocks. This feature will be available to all business customers as well as personal accounts. However, business customers will receive the new capability on different dates depending on the type of their domains.

First, Rapid Release domains will get the new capability through a gradual rollout, and then Scheduled Release domains will have an extended rollout. Google Meet has already rolled out the new feature to Rapid Release domains starting November 4. It may take up to 15 days for users to see the new capability. On the other hand, Scheduled Release domains will start receiving the feature from November 16 in an extended rollout. It may take more than 15 days for these users to see the new feature on their accounts.

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