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Google Fi App Now Lets Subscribers Troubleshoot Connection Issues on Android 11

Google has done a lot of things in recent weeks to attract more customers for Google Fi. Many people in the US use Google Fi for faster connectivity that the tech giant provides in partnership with other service providers. Now, Google is making it easier for the Fi subscribers to troubleshoot connection issues on Android 11 or up. The company is adding a new feature in the Google Fi app with which users can check their connection status and review suggested solutions. The service will start working starting this week.

The troubleshooting feature is rolling out on Google Fi for Android app with version 33.0. This will let Fi users check their connection status and review suggested solutions to fix the issues with their connection. Read below how the “Troubleshoot connection issues” feature works and how to use it.

How Google Fi Troubleshooting Works

If your connection is not working and want to troubleshoot to fix it, launch the Google Fi app on your Android. In the “Support” tab, select “Troubleshoot connection issues” and then tap on “Start troubleshooting.” Once you do this, the connection test will start working and may take 30 seconds or sometimes longer to finish. The troubleshooter then suggests steps that you should take to resolve the connection issue.

In the end, there will be a summary of your connection test result along with an option called “Contact us” to contact customer support. If your issue does not resolve, then you can contact customer support by tapping on this option. Google will ask for some optional “device network information” that will help the support team diagnose any issues that you have.

According to Google, this information will only be used for troubleshooting and will be deleted after 30 days. To send your device network information to Google, tap Yes and include a summary. Later, tap Allow on the next page to submit it to the support team.

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