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Get a $349 Pixel 4a for Just $216 With Google Fi’s New Phone Subscription Program Over Two Years

Google has just announced a new Google Fi phone subscription program through which it will sell you a new Pixel 4a smartphone every two years. As a part of the new Google Fi phone subscription program, you can buy a new $349 Pixel 4a from Google for just $9 per month over two years. This will save subscribers $133 over 24 months and get the smartphone for just $216. To put it simply, just pay Google the phone subscription program fees for 24 months and own a new Pixel 4a.

Google Fi is a program and offered by Google that provides a fast and easy wireless experience to US residents. Google has partnered with leading carriers and hardware makers to provide telecommunication services that help people stay connected. The new subscription program focuses on allowing users to upgrade their phones, and the subscription starts at just $15 per month.

Google Fi New Phone Subscription Program Details

The new Google Fi phone subscription program starts for just $15 per month that includes a $6 per month device protection plan and the $9 per month phone subscription plan. With this, the plan subscribers will save $133 over 24 months and get the Pixel 4a device at the end of two years. You can also pair the phone subscription program with other Google Fi plans, such as Fi Flexible plan or Fi Unlimited plan, to connect with friends and family. The device protection lets you get the device replacement or repair for damage from cracks, spills, and more.

Currently, Google is only selling the Pixel 4a through the new subscription and not the new Pixel 5 or Pixel 4a 5G. However, the Pixel 4a is quite good in terms of camera and battery. It features a camera that takes great low-light photos and a battery that lasts for up to 24 hours.


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