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Google ‘At A Glance’ Widget To Display Critical Weather Alerts

The Google ‘At A Glance’ Widget would inform users about severe weather conditions and other weather alerts. The Google App on Pixel Launcher always receives the latest and the best from Google. Whenever there is a weather alert available, Google Glance Widget would take up two lines to display the same. The first line would display the warning message, the second would display the name of the organization that has issues the warning.

Pixel Launcher to display weather alerts
Image Courtesy: 9to5Google

While this might be an to the utility, some users still prefer viewing the conventional date and time at a glance. The warnings remain until the organization who issues them withdraws the alert. It is not a part of regular notifications from Google App. Other than the weather alerts, calendar events and work profile can also be added as a part of ‘At a Glance’ feature. You can customize the information you want your device to display in the preferences menu. Google has always had the upper hand when it comes to first-party widgets. Although, there are a couple of other widgets that you might like.

This addition has been done sometime in the previous month, as it was a report from 9to5google that made people aware of it. Google ‘At A Glance’ to display weather alerts in many pixel devices. With or without the weather notifications, the widget itself is a part of the Google App. However, it is still unknown whether this new feature is available on other devices that provide stock Android experience. If not, this might be a Pixel only feature. An interesting thing to note here is that this add-on was not covered in detail in the recent Google changelogs.


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