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20 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up [UPDATED]

Watching movies is one of the most favourite past time for a lot of people. With the global COVID-19 pandemic and ramification of social distancing in our lives, the fan base of binge-watching online movies has considerably increased. Going to the theatre with friends and family is not just risky but has also lost its touch with the enforcement of social distancing. It leaves us with the movie streaming sites as our only entertainment and fun source without the headache of time and efforts of downloading films. Just bear with a few ads here and there because, let’s face it, we are not paying them a penny! Here is a list of free movie streaming sites with no sign-up required.

One can find hundreds of websites for watching movies online, but many of them require an Email address and sign-up details to access the film. Many Movie streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., demand a subscription cost for the services while quite a few are not safe to use. Thus, getting your hands on a secure and free movie streaming site from the never-ending tricky list can be very complicated and time-taking. And this calls for a handpicked list of tried and tested free movie streaming sites available over the Internet that need no sign-up details and steer clear of scammers. 

Following are the 20 best free movie streaming sites with no sign-up or money requirement:   

1. 123Movies

123Movies is one of the biggest film websites on the Internet. One can find movies and TV Series in various video formats like 1080p, 720p, 4K, etc., for free. The ads are little to no. One can even find new movies released on the leading streaming sites here, soon after release. The home page of this movie site is very simple and user-friendly where one can simply type the movie, series, or genre as per wish without baffling content appearing on the screen. One setback with 123Movies is that it does not host TV shows and movies on its server so the content available on it is from other streaming sites and if any movie or show is not on the leading site, you cannot find it on this site either. 

123movies - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: 123Movies

2. Tubi TV

TubiTV is also one of the best websites to watch free movies online without downloading them. The services are available free of cost. In TubiTV, the content appears under different headings or categories like most popular, weekly watchlist, family movies, documentaries, etc. One can stream over 15000 films and TV shows on TubiTV of multiple genres like Family, Action, Entertainment, etc. There is no need to sign up for watching movies, but you can register yourself if you want Tubi TV bonuses and playlists.

However, one has to keep in check that the Adblock is disabled on the device while streaming movies on TubiTV. As the movies can be streamed free of cost, the only source of earning for the site is from advertisements so it does not work with AdBlock enabled on the devices.  

Watch free movies online on Tubi TV - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: Tubi TV

3. Veoh

One can find more than 7,000 movies, TV Shows, and videos to watch on the platform of Veoh. This free movie streaming site with no sign-up streams a vast catalog of classic films along with user-uploaded content to the audience for free. The built-in search feature makes it very efficient and easy to search for movies and shows on the site. The Veoh site is well-structured and offers a great variety of retro videos, movies, and enjoyable user-uploaded content. There are videos, music, movies, groups, and channels that the users can pick from.

However, if you want to upload your content and videos to the site, you need to make an account on the website. It is safe and no details or payment-related information are asked. Also, one can even stream the shows and movies with a VPN on Veoh. 

Watch free movies with Veoh TV - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: Veoh

4. Movies123

It is a free movie streaming website with no sign-up that one can access for free to watch or download TV shows and movies online. Apart from that, Movies123 also promotes various short films and music films. Also, one can watch local TV shows and other content on the Movies123 platform, making the available content even richer. The content is well categorized for more comfortable navigation into multiple genres and is available in HD quality. The user can use a VPN if the website displays access issues and easily stream the content without worrying about what type of shows or movies should he or she watch.

A lot of ads indeed start appearing the moment one steps into this website. But, the streaming of movies goes uninterrupted and the hassle of the ad remains at bay while streaming. Moreover, one can stream movies in HD quality on the platform and even download the same in HD. Information about every movie and its trailer are also at disposal for helping users in going for the right pick. 

Movies123 - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: Movies123

5. M4Ufree

M4Ufree is a free movie streaming site with no sign-up required. One can visit this platform to watch videos, movies, documentaries, anime, and various other content without having to give any details about oneself. The best thing about this free movie streaming site is that there are no pop-up ads to disrupt the movies. Also, there is no need to sign up or register too. The interface of the website is very clean and navigation is also easy. The categories at disposal are Genre, year of release, language, sort by, and sort. One can pick any genre as per mood from drama, action, comedy, humour, horror, and others. Users can directly explore the latest releases by hitting buttons like new movies or new TV series on the bottom of the website. The “Most Watch” category helps one find the trending content instantly. 

M4ufree - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: M4UFree

6. Yes Movies

It is also a free movie streaming platform with thousands of movies and series to choose from without the need of registering oneself. YesMovies provide high-quality content on the site. With YesMovies, users get access to uninterrupted movie streaming that can be navigated as per genre, launch year, etc. A very peculiar feature of YesMovies is the Top IMDb category, which provides IMDb ratings of the movies and makes it very efficient to pick a new movie that would be worth the time of the user.

The users can also go for a VPN to get access and enjoy the movies anonymously without spending any money. The advertisements appear now and then, which can set the mood off a little, but there are no ads during the movie streaming. 

YesMovies - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: Yes Movies

7. Solar Movie

It is a free platform that helps one watch online movies and TV shows online for free. Solar Movie shows a few advertisements in the middle of searching for a movie. Hence, one has to pay attention while clicking anywhere as it can redirect you to other pages very quickly with the ads. However, this free movie streaming site with no sign-up requirement allows users to watch content without making any payment or account. Not just Hollywood, one can even find Bollywood movies on the Solar Movie platform. One can choose from around 10,000+ videos, movies, and shows using PC, mobile or other devices.

solar movies - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: Solar Movie

8. Movies Found Online

It is also one of the most popular online free movie streaming sites. The platform consists of a massive variety of shows, movies, series, feature films, etc., and it keeps suggesting various movies on the screen under random video picks, recent full movies, recent short films, recent animations, and other categories. Users need not sign up or spend even a single penny to watch the movies.

This website too, has embed movies from other leading streaming sites so users cannot find the shows and movies that are not available in the public domain streaming websites. However, the brighter side is that the database of this site is updated daily so users never run short of new content to watch and not miss out on anything that users on other websites or streaming sites could be enjoying.  

Movies Found Online - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: Movies Found Online

9. Soap2Day

Soap2Day is a free movie streaming site with no sign-up and no-hassle policy. One can enjoy a plethora of sitcoms, movies, and TV shows for free. It brings entertainment to your fingertips with the latest releases. The website keeps updating the database with new releases and provides details about the content to make searching even more efficient. The structure and layout of Soap2Day is also very user-friendly. One can let loose and enjoy the array of choices and genres that this platform offers. With the “Soap2Day Popular Movies” list, one can quickly get an idea about the trending and popular content to try. One can even find animated cartoons and shows for kids on the platform too.

Soap2Day - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: Soap2Day

10. Vumoo

A trendy and free online platform for streaming movies, Vumoo brings a vast number of films and programs with detailed insights about the runtime, movie ratings, etc., for the users. One can directly enter the name of the movies or series to search on the simple and sober search page, or check out the Home page, TV shows, or movies section for the same. The content present on this platform is all available to be streamed in HD or even download in HD.

This Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-up chivvy does not obstruct the experience of fun by flooding the screen with advertisements. One setback is that there are not many filters for the genre section, otherwise Vumoo offers quality content and easy accessibility for a remarkable experience.

Vumoo - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: Vumoo

11. CMoviesHD

It is also one of the best online movie streaming platforms that bring various movies and TV shows free of cost. Users can easily discover, watch and even download various movies and videos from this platform for free. One can find the popular shows and movies under the Trending category, Top Movies, and Top TV shows of CMoviesHD. One can find a varied range of genres to pick from and explore the very easy interface of the CMoviesHD website. It also eliminates the hassle of sign-up.

As the name suggests, all the content present on the platform is HD so quality can never be an issue with this streaming site. Be it a guilty pleasure TV show or experiencing the thrill of horror movies, CMoviesHD ensures interruption-free bingeing to the users. 

CMoviesHD - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: CMoviesHD

12. Movie Stars

MovieStars, as the name suggests, is a free online streaming platform with no sign-up requirement that brings the stars of the big screen to our devices. It ensures hassle-free bingeing for the users by providing many movies and shows belonging to varying genres. The platform provides a variety of content that is produced all around the world. The best part about this platform is its “Trending Today” category that handpicks the movies and shows trending on the particular day one visits the platform to get the latest and most popular content in the front.

One can explore the wide variety of content categorically with the options like a year, country, genre, tv shows, movies, and trending, present at the top. Be it a French movie or a Dutch documentary, you can rely on MovieStars to get your hands on the content. The platform has a very simply designed layout and is quite easy-to-use.


Movie Stars - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: Movie Stars

13. Los Movies

This online movie streaming site lets the users dive into the sea of genres. One can check the ratings of the movies while picking one or look as per the initial alphabet or numbers too. This platform narrows down the list of movies with subtitles under the category of “Movies with subtitles” for the ease of users. Not just that, the content can be looked up as per actors, top picks, directors, countries, genres, and many other categories for narrowing down to the right pick. LosMovies allows bingeing free of cost without the need to sign-up. The experience is so smooth that all the user has to do after reaching this website is hit play and enjoy the movie. 

LosMovies - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: LosMovies

14. Look Movie

This free online streaming platform with no sign-up platform brings plain old sitcoms and movies to our devices free of cost, without the sign-up hassle. One can feast on diverse picks of movies, programs, and documentaries on LookMovie. One can even enjoy all the new releases and the latest collection from the comfort of one’s home for free. There are multiple categories in which the never-ending content is divided like genres, latest, filter, etc. Also, for the ease of users, the movies and TV shows are under different heads. The rating category and Top IMDb makes it easier to find new movies worth spending time and the Trending tab brings the popular shows and movies for users. 

Look Movie - Free Movie Streaming Sites with No Sign-Up
Image Courtesy: Look Movie

15. Afdah

This platform ensures unlimited streaming without any ads, pop-ups, or trouble of registering and signing up. Afdah brings an enormous collection of shows and movies divided into genres for users. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and even android. The platform has been designed in a user-friendly layout. One can browse the content by year, language, country, and other categories. With genres ranging from action, adventure, biography, and crime, to family, fantasy, history, musical, and many others, the choices are endless. Afdah offers assured entertainment with the most-recent category which has the latest releases for the users. For ease, users can see the most recent featured movies, most recent HD movies, most recently updated old movies, and other categories, directly on the home page of the site.

Watch online movies with Afdah
Image Courtesy: Afdah

16. FlixTor

FlixTor is a free online streaming platform with no sign-upthat ensures zero interruptions from ads, pop-ups and ensures no hassles. It provides a wide variety of TV series and movies for users. The content can be viewed as per genres and handy filters like most downloaded or most watched. It also provides a section dedicated to Top IMDb as per the ratings. The latest TV series, latest movies, and recommended content appears right in front of the users as soon as one opens FlixTor. One can watch movies for free, navigate as per country, IMDb ratings, or genres ranging from thrill and horror to humor, comedy, and others.

Watch free online movies with Flixtor
Image Courtesy: Flixtor

17. Movie4u

It provides one-click away hassle-free streaming for free. Movie4u provides content that is divided into various genres like Action, Adventure, documentary, crime, and others. The release years and most viewed categories are also present at the disposal of users. It also provides a wide range of Anime for users who like animated movies and shows. Apart from that, one can also search for content in an alphabetical order. It also keeps the users updated about the trending movies and shows, their ratings, the top IMDb rated content, and featured movies so that the trending content is not missed out. The user can pick from a plethora of web shows, tv shows, sitcoms, and documentaries without needing to sign-up.

Watch free movies online with Movie4U
Image Courtesy: Movie4U

18. YouTube

YouTube is also another top-rated platform that provides many films for free. One only needs to bear with the advertisements on YouTube while enjoying movies online under the “Free To Watch” tab. This platform is the most widely available and easiest way of getting access to movies. The main problem with YouTube is that users cannot get new films and latest releases on the platform and even if they do, the quality is very poor. Many times the content can also be taken down by the channel that has uploaded it without any prior information. However, for old and classic movie streaming, YouTube is just the right platform. One can even provide or read feedbacks left in the comments section of every movie to get an idea of what they are getting into before spending a good three hours or so on the movie. 

Watch free online movie with YouTube
Image Courtesy: YouTube

19. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is also a free online streaming platform with no sign-up that offers various shows, movies, and content with no restrictions. As the name suggests, the users can sit down with a bucket of popcorns and leave the rest to the platform. Popcornflix ensures the best version available of any show, viral videos, and a movie out there for providing quality content. New arrivals, most popular, the popcorn time originals, staff picks, date night, and other categories present on the home page itself are very handy for the users.

Picking the right content is very easy and the content present on this platform is comparatively more appropriate for kids who like watching movies. The only hurdle one can get in the way is the absence of subtitles on the screen. The best part about this platform is that it is a treasure for stand-up comedy fans because it offers hand-picked content under a category dedicated to stand-ups alone.

Watch free online movies with Popcorn TIme
Image Courtesy: Popcorn Time

20. Classic Cinema Online

ClassicCinemaOnline is a free movie streaming website that provides users with classic content. This means that you can find many movies on this platform, as old as the time of the 60s and 70s. There is also a category dedicated to the old classic movies with no dialogues named “Silents”. Every single movie present on the platform comes with a golden IMDb button that takes users straight to the IMDb ratings and other details about the content.

The search feature, Movie Billboards, genres, and subgenres help in easy browsing. The layout is also set to the feel of a classic movie theatre with the red curtain. There are multiple options at disposal for users watching movies on ClassicCinemaOnline like cast media with Air-Play/Chromecast, related videos, share, more formats from the Internet Archive and others. 

Watch free online movies with Classic Cinema Online
Image Courtesy: Classic Cinema Online

These were the 20 best free movie streaming sites with no sign-up required that can take your entertainment to the next level. Some free websites are not available in certain regions, and one can use a VPN to access them. There are indeed some features that paid websites and subscription plans provide, but the free streaming sites don’t. Still, the mentioned sites will surely give you the best quality and safest experience possible online for free. All of these websites are tried and tested to provide you with uninterrupted bingeing in excellent picture quality.  

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