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Are you Aware of the Latest Buzz in the Tech Town?

Reportedly, according to the leaked information from some sources, Apple Inc. is going to offer a whole new range of iPhones by the end of this year, which for now has been addressed as iPhone 12

So, let’s look forward to what the company has to offer this time. The latest model offered by Apple Inc., i.e. iPhone 11, it is more concerned with its camera features plus the processor this time is quite powerful than the past models. So, in total, the up-gradation this time wasn’t a breakthrough with these small changes.

But the leaked information will surely be going to escalate your expectations from this upcoming phone. It is said that the iPhone 12 will be a 5G cellular network phone with a great camera, improved design, and a lot more. The customers will not have to wait for too long to witness this masterpiece. As it is expected that Apple Inc. may launch it around the second week of September 2020. But there can be a possibility of delay due to the ongoing situation due to COVID-19. As it has drastically impacted the outsourcing and manufacturing. 

What is so Special this Time

Let’s talk elaborately about the offerings that we can expect from this new iPhone. As it has been mentioned, that the iPhone 12 is expected to be a 5G phone related to this there is intel that Apple may get its 5G chip supplied by either Samsung or Qualcomm. There are possibilities that the company can bring back the fingerprint scanning technology. That they dropped in their last iPhone to favor the Face ID, adding to that, the fingerprint sensor is said to be built in-screen.

The Main Features

Now talking about one of the most celebrated features of the iPhone, i.e. the camera. This time, it is even more ambitious, as this model has a 64MP laser-powered 3D quad-cam main camera. Among these, the first three camera lenses are similar to the iPhone 11 pro model, and the fourth lens has a LiDAR scanner which is one of the features of iPad Pro 2020. This will provide a better judgment of distance so as the depth, and will upgrade the portrait mode and augmented reality. The front camera this time is said to be embedded under the screen giving us a full-screen display. The iOS for this phone is said to be iOS 14. And the processor is said to be way ahead of the new Snapdragon 865, which is almost a part of all the flagship phones this year. 

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The phone’s battery life concerns the consumer a lot these days. But the last iPhone was the best in terms of battery life offered by far. The report says that iPhone 12’s battery life is better and much more powerful than any other iPhones before. And it has been hinted that Apple Inc. has decided to provide a compact phone. It is having a screen display of 5.4 inches which is smaller than the iPhone XS but greater than the iPhone 8.

There’s still time for the official confirmation to come from the company’s end. Still, folks get ready to surprise yourself with a phone like never before.

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