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Apple Patents iPhone Case with Charging Slot for AirPods

Patently Apple recently discovered a patent filed by Apple, for a design of mobile cases that can charge the AirPods. If this comes out as a commercial product, you would be able to house your AirPods in the case of your iPhone itself. No need to carry the extra charging case. The CES 2021 just passed and all the tech giants in the world came up with cutting edge technology. However, we did not hear from Apple. Nevertheless, the report that Apple patents iPhone case with charging slot for AirPods is exciting in itself!

An important thing to note here is that the patent itself does not include a housing and charging station for AirPods in particular. But the patent does show different concepts of cases for iPhone, with AirPods at different places. For an instance, the iPhone 8 Plus shaped case houses the AirPods at the top edge. One can also observe magnets (plenty of them), circuitry, and stored battery. What’s even more interesting is that this diagram also hints at a back panel display. We have seen such an implementation in some other third-party cases.

Apple patents charging cases for Airpods
Image Courtesy: Gizmochina

Another concept diagram shows the AirPods held by a charging station at the back panel of the device. The whole setup looks like some kind of advanced MagSafe device, but surely it is not. Another implementation could be having a book cover, that houses a battery and charging station for the Apple AirPods.

Apple charging case can now charge Airpods
Image Courtesy: Gizmochina

The idea here is to carry one single charging case for both your AirPods and your phone. Yes, if the case is going to house a battery, it might as well charge your phone. A similar design from Xiaomi popped put recently. Additionally, Lenovo ThinkBook already comes with a charging slot for integrated TWS in the laptop. Anyways, Apple patents iPhone case with charging stations for AirPods, and it’s not releasing anytime soon. Apple’s next-gen AirPods might be able to take through-body inputs. Read here.


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