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A Comprehensive Guide About Different iOS Games in 2022

For a hardcore gamer, iOS offers the most suitable platform that can be had in any segment of gaming. The insane power of the bionic chipsets on iOS can munch through the most graphically enhanced games on the market. To cater to the audience’s best experience, the developers serving the top apps in the digital stores have poured their brains into creating the most graphically intense and strategy related games that will make your time spent on this app so much better.

From a sea of choices, it is difficult for someone to dig out the ideal ones that make the best use of the system. In this guide, we will discuss the latest games that are the best for playing on iOS devices and how you can make your experience on iPhone and iPad devices much better.

Pokemon Unite

The best game at the moment on any device, with iOS is this unique MOBA by The Pokemon Company. Pokemon has been around since the 90s and has taken over the lives of the global youth. Over time, the brand has expanded and spilt its magic in every corner of the world through its games and shows. This new game by pokemon focuses on a multiplayer online-based arena and introduces the characters in a way they have never been before. The gameplay is fantastic, and you get glitch free fluid play on the iOS platform. The animations are immersive, and the intuitive controls are perfectly arranged across the playing area. The most difficult aspect of MOBAs is perfectly aligning the controls on the screen without limiting the play area, and the developers have executed that well. The experience is good with immediate bug fixes, and you will get no waiting time in finding matches with the best rivals no matter wherever you are in the world.

MPL Rummy

If you are a stickler for Rummy, this app is especially for you. MPL is voted and reviewed by thousands as the best Rummy app on the iOS environment. It has great animations, and the gameplay is extensively unique and incomparable to other iOS card playing apps that try to offer a similar experience. In the game, you will be provided with 13 cards where you have to form the right sequences and sets to win over your rivals. The objective is to get the maximum pure sequences in the game. MPL has intricate graphics that best supports iOS’s fast paced gaming environments. To play Rummy on MPL, you have to go over to the App Store, and you will find your game sitting there with thousands of positive reviews and over a million downloads. It takes minimal time to get installed, and you can directly play it without any complex login procedure. The app takes up very little space on your device to not worry about any storage problems. The game has many rewards that you can claim by defeating the rivals that you come across online. MPL Rummy also has many modes, so players will never get tired of monotonous gameplay.

RAID: Shadow Legends

This game is strictly for lovers of advanced graphics and interesting gameplay. The animations are outright stunning in Shadow Legends and scream of a devoted team of developers sitting in the background. You can play with multiple heroes and get more pulled into the action with several abilities and many gameplay styles. You get a team, and all your known friends can get on with you in the same space and defeat the opponent as a group. It is essential to be associated with all the characters before you play them, as a single hero has many abilities and actions that you can use as a combo to defeat the other players.

The game is so well developed that you will not face any lags throughout the match, and it is extremely entertaining when you can play with your peers against several professional teams online. This is a must-play for all sorts of gamers with an Apple device.

Legends of Runeterra

The Legends of Runeterra have been declared the best game in 2020 by critics and stand as the viewer’s choice. It is a card game with many simplicities compiled with features and an extremely competitive gameplay area. The game has a few easy controls that anyone can understand through a few rounds of practice. You can experiment with different units, spells, and character cards in the game. At the beginning of the match, you get 20 health. Players have to defeat their opponent and bring their 20 health to zero to win the game. A player can win a match if the opponent has no more cards to play and their hand count falls to zero.

The wholesome element of card playing with insane graphics makes this game one of the best contenders on this list.

Alto’s Odyssey

After the huge success of Alto’s adventure, this game had to be developed to be presented as a worthy successor to the earlier game. Alto’s Odyssey is primarily an endless runner game with very artistically drawn in-game visuals that will blow your mind away with their smooth experience. You have to use the character’s skiing abilities to scale snow-capped cliffs and complete the goals of each level while earning upgrades and gold coins throughout each match.

The gameplay is glitch-free, and the graphics are ultrasmooth, allowing you to have a very relaxing experience in each turn you play. The background music is an exceptional addition that makes the gameplay a memorable experience for the player and something you will keep coming back to.


iOS is one of the best platforms for any new software in the market, and these games make the best use of it. The list has been carefully designed to be a pleasant experience for gaming fanatics. It is highly recommended that you go through each game on the list, as they are guaranteed to offer you an experience like never before.


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