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What Happens When You Buy Instagram Followers?

Like it or not, social media marketing will continue to play a significant role in the success of a business. With more than half of the world’s population actively participating in various social media platforms, it’s not surprising that a lot of brands will keep looking for new ways to stand out from their competitors.

In the world of social media, followers are the social currency. Having an abundance of Instagram followers gives a company the social proof they need to build their competence and authority in their industry.

Clearly, digital marketing strategists understand how the benefits outweigh the risks, but it’s also critical to know what happens when you buy Instagram followers.

  • Boost Brand’s Instagram Growth

This is perhaps the top reason why businesses buy Instagram followers—to fast-track the growth of their profile in order to establish their authority and gain a competitive edge. Typically, companies use organic growth strategies to grow their social media accounts, but this takes time. 

Establishing a brand’s online presence will take a minimum of six months to accomplish, and that will eat up a certain percentage of your resources and time, which are factors some brands lack. And, to catch up with their rivals, buying Instagram followers becomes the go-to strategy that can provide the impetus they need.

Although buying followers is perceived as controversial due to the risks involved, numerous brands use this strategy to complement organic marketing efforts, such as generating quality content, creating online communities, and building genuine engagements with their audience.

  • Gain Further Reach At A Shorter Time

Not all companies have the luxury of time and resources when it comes to brand awareness. Hence, buying followers on Instagram is a hack that shortens the time needed to strengthen a brand’s online presence.

By getting more followers, a firm’s digital reach also increases. This increased reach is directly proportional to the number of opportunities that open up for brand awareness, influencer collaboration, and cross-promotions inside Instagram. 

Getting more followers means widening a firm’s social media reach. Social media reach measures the number of people who see your posts. It’s one of the fundamental metrics digital marketers monitor to get a picture of how a brand’s target audience sees and engages with its content.

Social media reach measures the number of unique visitors, an essential metric a company needs to monitor to prove its content strategy’s effectiveness. Furthermore, this metric is necessary and more accurate in monitoring brand awareness growth over time compared to social media impressions. 

This is why it’s crucial to collaborate with agencies that sell authentic Instagram followers to ensure your brand’s reach multiplies with each new follower.

  • Improve Post Searchability

The Instagram app is the third most used social media platform globally. Note that there are 1.42 billion active Instagram users. And, even if your company is a very specialized brand, it will be competing against the remaining 1.41 billion accounts in vying for a spot on the Explore tab of its target market.

Getting on the Explore tab is essential in gaining new followers. Posts found on this tab are suggestions made by Instagram’s algorithm based on users’ browsing habits.  The posts found on the Explore tab are pieces of content that received tons of engagement, such as hearts, comments, shares, and saves. As a result of all the attention this post gathered, it will be prioritized to pop out first on the explore tab. This will increase its visibility to more app users.

  • Unlock Instagram’s Special Features

Apart from boosting the growth of a brand’s Instagram growth in a shorter amount of time, having a certain number of followers unlocks certain Instagram features. The ‘swipe-up’ feature, for example, is a tool that can only be enjoyed by accounts with more than 10,000 followers.

This ‘swipe up’ feature is a tool that’s incorporated into Instagram’s stories. These Instagram stories—short videos that disappear after 24 hours—are proven unique add-ons to digital marketing strategies. When equipped with a ‘swipe-up’ button, Stories becomes a consistent producer of digital traffic for company websites, blogs, or e-commerce stores.


The cutthroat competition in the social media space increases the demand for brands to look into more creative ways to get ahead of the competition. Building a business’s social authority organically becomes more challenging as more companies jump on the internet to establish their digital presence. Hence, the need for other solutions like buying Instagram followers. Buying Instagram followers comes with risks that marketers and business owners need to understand to manage their expectations about this type of service. Technically, this practice of buying followers goes against the regulations of Instagram. Still, if you work with agencies that know what they’re doing and how to implement this tactic without risking a firm’s Instagram account, you and your business are already halfway towards success.


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