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Zombie Driver Immortal Edition Launches on PS4

For all the fans of old-school who are using PlayStation 4, there is good news for you! EXOR Studios, the developer of Zombie Driver, has now launched the Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition gameplay on PS4. Paweł Lekki, the co-founder of EXOR Studios, announced the launch on August 14 through the PlayStation blog.

Zombie Driver Immortal Edition Launches on PS4
Image: PlayStation Blog

Zombie Driver is a vehicular combat game in which there’s a zombie apocalypse in the city, and the player has to undertake various missions. Zombie Driver Immortal Edition is the latest version of the game on PS4. It has all the DLC content with the original game and runs at 60FPS.

Having more than 30 missions in the story mode with epic fights with zombies, it contains dozens of race events. They are full of bloodshed with missions to defend key targets from zombies, rescue survivors in time, spray anti-zombie repellent around the city, and more. With the launch of this gameplay on PS4, gamers can experience and relive their memories in high quality.

Zombie Driver Immortal Edition Release

Zombie Driver Immortal Edition PS4 Gameplay
Image: PlayStation Blog

The game edition was first released on July 25, 2019, on Nintendo Switch. Earlier, there was another version of the gameplay — Zombie Driver HD. It was released on PlayStation 3 on December 18, 2012, and has been featured on PS Plus. The new launch of Zombie Driver Immortal Edition on PS4 will be the best opportunity for PS lovers to experience their favorite game in the best possible quality.

One more good thing for gamers is, those who already have bought the Zombie Driver HD edition, EXOR Studios is giving them the Immortal Edition for free. If you have any of the Zombie Driver HD edition added to your account through PS Plus, then you can get it for free.

Pawel Lekki said they are doing this as an expression of gratitude to all those who supported them in the past. He also thanked the users for their support and credited the success of the game to them.


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