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YouTube is Testing a Moving Autoplay Toggle Inside the Video Player on Web

YouTube, being the most popular video-sharing platform, constantly keeps experimenting and bringing new features. After the recent addition of YouTube Shorts, the company redesigned the video watching experience on Android and iOS. In October, YouTube moved the “autoplay” toggle into the video player on both Android and iOS apps. Now, YouTube on the web is also following this revamp and moving the autoplay toggle into the player.

At the moment, the autoplay toggle resides in the right sidebar of the web version of YouTube. It’s currently a part of the “Up next” section that previews the upcoming videos. The redesign now brings it directly into the player toolbar and appears left to the Caption button. It’s quite similar to the Android YouTube app version of autoplay.

Autoplay for YouTube on The Web Features

YouTube is Testing a Moving Autoplay Toggle Inside the Video Player on Web
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The new, inside-the-video-player autoplay toggle now would lie in the same toolbar where the play/pause, settings, and closed captions controls lie. When a user is not hovering over it, the toggle will disappear — just like the other controls — resulting in a cleaner interface. Also, it matches the YouTube color scheme, while the earlier blue-colored toggle resulted in a color mismatch.

On the right sidebar, there is a carousel to tune the suggested video feeds with different interest tabs. With the help of these tabs, YouTube brings the ability to fine-tune video recommendations on the web too. The “All” tab is selected by default, but one can choose different tabs depending upon their interest.

The new autoplay toggle for YouTube on the web is widely rolling out for most users. However, it is not yet fully available for everyone. If you’ve received it on your account, you’ll see a blue “Looking for autoplay?” prompt pointing to the new location.

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