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Use Smart Compose and Autocorrect in Google Doc Comments – New Update

And here we are with a Google Workspace Update again. It was just a few days back when Google released their Chat Shortcuts, Comments Interface and PDF improvements. This time, Google has added Smart Compose and Spelling Autocorrect to the comments section in Google Docs. On a blog post dated January 5, 2021, Google officially announced these features.

In a nutshell, Google’s Smart Compose suggests high-quality content, while you are writing anything across all Google platforms. While typing on a desktop, you just have to press the right arrow key to use the suggestion. And if you are typing on your mobile phone, just swipe right to utilize the suggestion. Similar is the case with Spelling Autocorrect – it prompts the user with grammatical errors and contextual suggestions. These are very handy features when you need to¬†write my essay¬†grammatically correct.

In my opinion, both these features have unique use. While writing documents and specifically emails, the Google Smart Compose offers quick suggestions for completing your sentences. Now, with the new feature, you would be able to enjoy both these features while writing comments on Google Docs.

Here is a quick look at the new features

The Smart Compose suggestions would appear as light grey words. If you wish to accept the recommendation, just press ‘tab’ or the ‘right arrow’.

Google Smart Compose
Image Courtesy: Google Blog

If you misspell some word in the comments section, Autocorrect would replace it with the right grammatical composition, and highlight the word with a dotted line.

Google Autocorrect
Image Courtesy: Google Blog

Any Google user would be able to access the feature, without the requirement of admin control. Both of them are available right now. However, it might take 15 days to reflect in some devices. All the Google Workspace apps, for private and for business purposed would be able to use it.


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