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Twitter rolls out disappearing tweets feature ‘Fleets’ for everyone

If you are an avid Twitter user, you might have heard about “Fleets”. It is Twitter’s version of “Stories” that you have been using on WhatsApp and Instagram. After extensively testing “Fleets” in India and a couple of other markets, Twitter has officially released the feature for everyone. This was confirmed in a blog post by Joshua Harris – Design Director, and Sam Haveson – Product Manager, at Twitter.

Fleets have the same 24-hours ephemeral format you are used to on other social media apps. Twitter users can put up fleets on their profile for 24 hours and then, it will vanish into the thin air. Twitter extensively tested the feature in South Korea, India, Italy, and Brazil. They found out that people interact with fleets a lot and thus, the feature is now available for everyone and anyone who joins Twitter to talk more.

Users can share their opinions, thoughts, personal moments, ideas, and more with a video, photo, text or quote a tweet as well. Fleets allow users to express themselves better since everything you say will go away in 24 hours. People find it comfortable to share their thoughts and more on Fleets compared to Tweets which are permanent and everyone can see them.

Using Fleets On Twitter

Twitter users can now quote an existing tweet. Open the tweet, tap on the ‘Share’ button, and select “ Share in Fleet” and bingo. You can even add emojis or text with the quoted tweet without any hassle. Share your thoughts via text or videos or photos by creating new fleets.

People can check out fleets by everyone on the top section of their Home timeline. From scrolling up and down on Tweets, get ready to swipe up & down and sideways with Fleets, a new way of communication. Rest assured as these fleets will go away in 24 hours without any hassle. Anyone who is viewing your complete profile can view your fleets as well. They can respond to your fleet in the Direct Message if you have allowed DMs.

Fleets on Twitter are available on both Android and iOS. Two new features i.e. broadcasting and stickers will be added to Fleets soon.


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