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Take Stunning Photos with Google Camera 8.1 Mod

Pixel devices are known for their image processing capabilities. With the launch of Google Pixel 5, Google released its new and updated camera application. It included a slightly new interface and a couple of new features – the Google Cam 8.0. Whether on a Pixel device or on any other Android device, photographs clicked using the Google Cam are probably the best. Thanks to Google’s excellent computational photography. Well guess what, XDA Developers recently launched the latest Google Camera 8.1 mod. For all the users who click pictures mainly through their smartphone, the Google Camera 8.1 mod is a blessing. Even on a non-Pixel device, the application provides top-notch image processing, getting the best out of your shots.

Google recently announced that it would discontinue the unlimited storage option for Pixel users. With that came the ‘Storage Saver’ feature. It essentially compresses the photo and video, subsequently causing a little downgrade in the quality. In the same way, Google Camera 8.1 mod would also be able to use this feature.

Google Camera 8.1 mod
Image Courtesy: The Custom Droid

Here is a list of tweaks in the latest Google Cam

  • Colour Transform to fix colour intensity and saturation
  • Option to disable tracking focus
  • Additional button to turn the auto white balance on/off
  • Option to disable motion photos
  • Option to chose from Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3, IMX686 and IMX586 photo signature
  • An EIS fix through the addition of OPModes
  • Option to disable auto night mode

Google keeps adding new modes to its application. The latest Google Camera 8.1 mod would work with most Android devices. However, some Samsung and OnePlus would not be supported. Finally, downloading and running this mod on your smartphone would instantly improve the quality of the picture, colour accuracy, dynamic range and contrast. Basically, it would use all the brains behind Pixel cameras for beautiful results. Download the latest mod here.


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