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Singapore Will Pay Its Citizens For Using Apple Watch To Keep Healthy

The use of smart gadgets by harnessing technology for monitoring health is increasing day by day. Smart Gadgets such as smartwatches are becoming a part of people’s life these days. Apple has partnered with the government of Singapore on a two-year health initiative called LumiHealth. The health initiative focuses on tracking user behavior through the Apple Watch and an iPhone app. The government will reward the citizens of Singapore if they keep themselves healthy using the Apple watch for two years.

Singapore Will Pay Its Citizens For Using Apple Watch To Keep Healthy
Image Courtesy: Bloomberg

As pert the health scheme, the Singapore government will reward its residents up to S$380 ($280) for completing the tasks and goals within the app. The citizens will earn this money through various rewards and vouchers.

Tasks & Other Features in LumiHealth App

There are various goals and tasks to fulfill within the LumiHealth app to earn rewards and vouchers. You can accomplish the tasks and goals by walking, doing yoga, swimming, or other exercises. The app will also offer personalized coaching. You will also get reminders for immunizations and other health screenings from the health-monitoring app. The app also contains various wellness challenges to compel users to make better food choices and improve their sleep habits.

According to Apple, the LumiHealth program is voluntary, and it is designed keeping in view the user’s privacy and security. The company also said that the user’s data is encrypted and secure and will not be sold for marketing purposes.

Singapore was also among the first states to develop a contact-tracing app to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. It is now distributing tokens to the residents to control large gatherings and allow people to enter selected venues.

The iPhone maker on Tuesday announced an update for the Apple Watch through a virtual event. The latest update comes with health-tracking features, including the reward system. If you don’t know, Apple has also collaborated with healthcare institutions like Stanford Medicine in the past.


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