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Samsung and Xiaomi Troll Apple for Not Providing Charging Adapter With the New iPhone

Apple held the iPhone 12 “Hi-speed” launch event on October 13, 2020, in which the American tech giant introduced four new lineups of iPhone but did not provide charging adapter with any of them and became a topic of controversy.

The reason Apple gave for not providing the charging adapter is for “environmental concerns.” So, people willing to get their hands on the new iPhone will have to spend an additional $20 for a charging adapter.

Nonetheless, Apple’s rival Samsung didn’t hold back from making fun of Apple for not providing one of the essential accessories of the smartphone. Samsung posted a picture of the charging adapter on its Caribbean Samsung Facebook page with a mocking statement. Check the screenshot of the post below.

Moreover, in the past, Samsung also made fun of Apple by posting a video when the company got rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack from iPhone. But later on, Samsung followed Apple and removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from their flagship smartphones to starting with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

However, to counter the backlash of people, Samsung deleted those videos from their social media handles. But that didn’t stop people from making fun of Samsung as their attack backfired.

According to ET News, the Korean company was also planning to stop providing a charging adapter with smartphones starting from 2021. And that is most likely to happen in the coming time. And no wonder it will backfire too.

Xiaomi also mocks Apple

Samsung isn’t the only one company that mocked Apple for removing the adapter. Xiaomi too boasted about the fact they’re providing the adapter with their new flagship Mi 10T Pro by posting a 5-second video.


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