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Samsung Allegedly Developing Transparent Smartphones

Samsung’s latest move in the development of smartphone technologies might completely change how people interact with their mobile devices. Based on a patent labeled Transparent Display Device and the Method of Manufacturing the Same”, the tech giant appears to be working on the development of a fully transparent mobile device.

The patent is about OLED components and their use in developing transparent screens. You can read the entire patent application here. But the images in the patent application reveal a device with barely any opaque surfaces. Here is how the patent represents the finished device.

Samsung Patent
Image Courtesy: Letsgodigital

LetsGoDigital, in partnership with Giuseppe Spinelli (alias Snoreyn), has released 3D renders to demonstrate the concept. Here is how Samsung’s transparent smartphone can look.

What does this mean?

Two main questions that arise when reading the patent are how and why. The first part, how this design can be achieved, has multiple possible answers. To create the device illustrated in the patent, the company might suggest plans to miniaturize the components to fit them in the available space. But the other more likely explanation is the use of transparent mobile components.

Transparent batteries already exist. Hence their integration in a transparent smartphone is highly likely. However, the answer to why Samsung wishes to develop transparent smartphones is a bit less clear.

The smartphone market today has explored a wide range of innovations. It has forced companies to constantly look for new methods to stand apart from their competitors. In conclusion, Samsung’s transparent smartphone seems a product of this race of innovations.

Whether the innovation work wonders for Samsung, or end up in the list of failed experiments from smartphone manufacturers is to be seen. All tech enthusiasts can do for now is wait for new updates on the patent and the development process at Samsung.


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