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Meet Robotic Face Mask That Opens and Closes Automatically When People are Around

Because of the COVID19 pandemic, wearing a face mask has become a must thing to do in our life. It looks like it is going to be a routine part of our lives well into 2021. Wearing a face mask for an extended period indeed gets slightly uncomfortable. But to prevent bacteria and particles from coming into us, it becomes necessary to wear a mask all the time. This sometimes causes some people to feel like suffocating.

What if you feel thirsty and need to drink some water when people are around? Removing the mask in such situations may pose a high risk to your life. In such an attempt to make masks more comfortable, a YouTuber has uploaded a video where he demonstrates a robotic face mask that can automatically open to let fresh air in when no one’s around.

What Robotic Face Mask Does

Meet Robotic Face Mask That Opens and Closes Automatically When People Around
Image: YouTube

According to UberGizmo, a YouTuber called DesignMaker has created a robotic mask that comes with a dozen of electronic components, sensors, and LEDs. One of its main abilities is that it can automatically open when no one’s around and close when someone comes nearby. It is equipped with LEDs that indicate when it’s safe, and which side someone is coming. The sensors detect infrared emissions and motion around which close the lid of the mask with the help of a computer program. When there is no one around and safe, it will open up to allow for better airflow.

The practicality of such a mask may be questionable as it requires quite a lot of electronic components. Also, this type of mask will be quite heavier compared to regular surgical/N95 face masks. The unique thing about this is that it takes care of the need for us to take our masks on and off when we need to take a drink or to eat.

As we said, it doesn’t seem very practical for everyday use, but there is room for innovation always.

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