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Review of top 3 Android Spy Apps for 2021

No one is idle in today’s world. Everyone is preoccupied with something. Our loved ones, especially infants, tweens, and adolescents, require constant care. Most parents now utilize spy apps to keep a check on their children. You’re in luck if you’re seeking a reliable monitoring tool for your purposes because we’re going to talk about the three best surveillance applications on the market right now. But first, let us assist you in locating the best, paid options in the Android spy apps category. We begin with what a spyware application is.

What is a Spyware Application?

Spyware is a piece of software that lurks within a computer or mobile phone and monitors all of its data and actions. On the other hand, spyware applications are phone surveillance tools that allow worried parents to keep an eye on their children or companies to keep track of their employees via their cell phones. Truly reliable spy applications, such as XNSPY and two other apps we’ll discuss later are all paid apps. After all, nothing in the world is truly free.

So, let’s get right into learning more about three of the top paid spy apps for Android!

Top 3 Spy Apps for Android

All three applications will be compared based on their cost, compatibility, spying functionality, and a few additional factors, including customer service and return policies. Starting with the most inexpensive and working up to the most expensive:


spy apps2

XNSPY is regarded as a forerunner in the spy app market. The XNSPY Android surveillance software is being used by established enterprises, fledgling entrepreneurs, and anxious parents to watch their employees or children. Its clients come from all around the world.

Why is it so popular not only in India but also in other countries? Let’s have a look!

The App’s Cost

Its low membership prices may be the main reason for its appeal. The XNSPY phone tracking app’s basic edition is only USD 4.99 per month with an annual subscription. However, there are just eight spying functions included with this membership. For this reason, the vast majority of consumers choose the Premium subscription option, which costs USD 7.49 per month. It’s more than a reasonable deal when you consider receiving 30+ monitoring features for less than USD 8 per month.


The XNSPY developers have done their utmost to ensure that it works with all current Android phones. It claims to be the no. 1 paid spy software for Android because of its affordable prices, unique spying functions, and high compatibility. XNSPY works with any phone running Android 4.0 or later.

Features of XNSPY

  • Phone Call Monitoring: It allows you to keep track of every call made on the phone being tracked. Live calls can be intercepted or even recorded if you wish to listen to them afterward. This feature also allows you to track your phone call histories. So you’ll know what calls were made, missed, or received.
  • Reading Text Messages: Because the XNSPY phone tracking app also keeps track of all text messages, this is feasible. You may view them at any time and use the date and time stamp information to determine when they were sent or received.
  • Tracking Social Media and Instant Messaging Apps: Xnspy can monitor all major social platforms like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and a few more are among the applications you can track.
  • GPS Location Tracking: As long as the device is linked to the internet, the phone’s location is tracked, and the tracking data is updated. When it isn’t, the app keeps a history of where you’ve been.
  • Watch List Notifications: A unique feature that quickly alerts you to any occurrence of a term, place, or contact number that you have defined in the monitored cell phone’s respective watch list on the monitored cell phone.
  • Ambient Sound Recording: This feature lets you listen in on the monitored cell phone’s microphone from anywhere in the globe at any time.
  • Screen Recorder: When an IM app is open, it records or snaps a picture of the phone screen every few minutes.

2. Cocospy

Cocospy is another Android surveillance software designed to keep an eye on everything you care about, whether it’s your children, your company, or both. The reason we’re talking about this app right now is that its membership fees are more than XNSPY’s, but they’ll leave a minor dent in your wallet than the third app on our list.

spy apps3

The App’s Cost

Although Cocospy is a newcomer to the market, it is still working on making it more affordable because its basic app costs USD 39.99 per month with a monthly subscription, or USD 8.33 each month if you subscribe for a year. The basic plan does not provide you access to all of the app’s capabilities. It has a premium plan which gives you access to all of its spying features for one device, costing USD 49.99 monthly or USD 9.99 per month after you purchase an annual subscription. A third subscription option is the Family package, which costs USD 69.99 per month or USD 16.99 per month with an annual subscription. However, you can use it with a maximum of three devices.


We discovered that the Cocospy Android spy software does not require rooting after visiting its official Website. Its compatibility, on the other hand, was not explored in depth. The monitoring function will only operate with the majority of the most recent Android phones. It can only be mentioned.

Features of Cocospy

  • Geo-fencing
  • Call tracking
  • SMS tracking (A function that lets you mark an area on the virtual map to get alerts when the phone enters a specific location.)
  • Spying on IM Apps
  • Spying on Social Media Apps
  • Spying on Website History (To examine the most frequented and saved websites as well as unrestricted access to the phone’s browser history.)
  • Monitor the position of your phone (This allows you access to SIM card-related information such as network details, network-based location, IMEI number, and notifications when the SIM is changed.)
  • Keystroke logger (It records every keystroke on the monitored cell phone.)

3. mSpy

The mSpy phone tracking software is equally well-known as the original. It is, however, mentioned towards the end because it is more expensive than the two predecessors on our current list.

The App’s Cost

Typically, more expensive items give the customer with more benefits. In the instance of the phone monitoring software in question, however, this is not the case because its higher-priced packages do not include any new or distinctive features, which we shall discuss later.

For USD 48.99, you may purchase its premium bundle with a regular monthly subscription. Even if you pay for a year in advance, the monthly cost is only USD 11.66. Compared to the previous two items on today’s list, its premium package is unquestionably more expensive. mSpy, on the other hand, has the same, if not less, functionality than its competition in the spy app business.

spy apps4


When it comes to compatibility, the app does not disappoint. Because mSpy is compatible with any smartphone running Android 4.0 or above. So, like the first entry on our list, you can state that it supports almost all Android phones now in use across the world. However, some surveillance functions are only available on specific Android versions starting with Android 7.0 and above.

Features of mSpy

  • Phone Call Logs
  • Text Messages Sent/Received
  • Social Media Apps
  • GPS Location of Phone
  • How to Use Apps (A feature that allows you to check app usage remotely and even block any app that you want to stop operating on the monitored cell phone.)
  • Screen Recording Apps for Instant Messaging
  • Email (Enables you to read all the outgoing and incoming emails)
  • Audio and video files (Allows you to view media files such as photos and audio and video clips on the phone)

All of these features are also accessible with the XNSPY phone tracking app for your information. Cocospy, on the other hand, provides some of the same capabilities.


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