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Oxygen OS 11 Final Developer Preview Goes Live on August 10

In its community post, OnePlus shared details about the Final Developer Build of Oxygen OS 11, based on Android 11. This isn’t the first time OnePlus has gone early with the next version of Android. OnePlus is known for its speedy updates, and started pushing out Android 10 to its devices within a month of its release.

Oxygen OS 11 Image
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OnePlus has already had a Developer Preview Program which applied to users of the OnePlus 8 series. Now, the updates of the release of the final developer build point out to OnePlus planning an Open Beta Oxygen OS 11 rollout as well. OnePlus users have appreciated the Company’s approach to releasing speedy software updates.

OnePlus Oxygen OS Updates in the Past

If you follow the domain of technology, you’d know that OnePlus is one of the only manufacturers to support their devices with the latest updates for a long time. This is not only great for using a device for a longer period but also updates users with the latest features on phones that they bought in the past. In fact, OnePlus has stepped up their game lately, providing 3 years of major Android version updates for some of their devices. That is when they claimed up to 2 years of these updates. Great, isn’t it?

The OnePlus 5/5T received the latest Android 10 update, which was their 3rd Android update since launch. Similarly, the OnePlus 3T received Android 9 as its 3rd update. Both these devices got more updates than initially claimed! If this holds true, we can see the OnePlus 6 and 6T to get the latest Android 11 update as well.

Android 11 Oxygen OS 11 Final Developer Preview
Image Courtesy: Marques Brownlee via YouTube

What’s New in Oxygen OS 11?

Pete Lau revealed that the Final Developer Build would give “a small group of our most technically-inclined community members a chance to start testing out some of the new features”. The Open Beta release would then follow suit as the company receives feedback from these people. Oxygen OS 11 would feature all the latest features from Android 11 like improved security, media controls, etc. Apart from that, Lau also hinted towards improved design elements, and “highly anticipated features”.

We could finally see Always-On display functionality with Oxygen OS 11, as well as other suggestions taken from the Open Ears forum earlier this year. OnePlus has said that the Final developer build would be available on August 10. We shall soon be expecting to receive the Open Beta soon and will keep you posted regarding the same.


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