Home News Netflix is Testing a New Cheaper ₹349 “Mobile+” Monthly Plan in India

Netflix is Testing a New Cheaper ₹349 “Mobile+” Monthly Plan in India

Last year, the video streaming service Netflix had launched a mobile-only subscription plan worth ₹199 for Indian users. This plan restricts the video quality to standard definition (SD) only. The company said the plan is well received by the Indian users till now. But Netflix is now testing a new monthly “Mobile+” plan worth ₹349 for users in India. This plan is much cheaper than the basic standard definition (SD) plan of ₹499 per month.

With the new plan, which is still under testing, the company is reportedly providing the benefits of the ₹699 “Standard” plan. It offers a high definition (HD) video access across various devices like PCs, Mobiles, and Tablets, in contrast to the basic ₹499 plan. It means the users can watch the videos on mobile, tablet, or a PC with the Mobile+ subscription. However, you will not be able to watch on TV or simultaneous screens at once.

Who Can Use Netflix’s New Mobile+ Plan

Netflix is Testing a New Cheaper ₹349 “Mobile+” Monthly Plan in India
Snaps of Netflix India Plans (incl. the new ₹349 plan)

The upcoming ₹349 plan, or as it is named, the Mobile+ plan, is available only for select users right now. The main highlight of this new affordable plan is the support for HD streaming. It does not limit the user experience to SD or mobile-only, and you can watch on any device of your choice, except on TV. It is a great choice for individuals who don’t care for the big screen experience or don’t own a Smart TV.

In fact, India is not the first target of Netflix to test the “Mobile+” plan. As per a report from Wirtualne Media, Netflix had introduced the Mobile+ plan in Poland already in February. The only difference is that it also offered support for simultaneous viewing on multiple screens.

The plan is currently under testing in India and based on the response from the users, Netflix India will make it available permanently to the public.


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