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Microsoft Working on 12.5-Inch Budget Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptops is a line of high-end slim, lightweight devices. Starting at $999, the laptops can cost as much as $2799 to interested buyers. However, reports suggest that the Surface series will soon see the introduction of a small, budget version for customers.

This report comes following the success of the Surface Go tablet, which was released at $399 to target the mid-range market. The upcoming budget laptop, codenamed Sparti, should follow in the footsteps of Surface Go. 

This wallet-friendly Surface laptop is Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Pixelbook Go in the mid-range market. It aims to deliver a high-quality compact device for users who are constantly working on the move.

What to expect from budget Microsoft Surface?

Based on reports, this device will cost less than the cheapest Microsoft Surface laptop currently available in the market. Hence, the starting price for Sparti will lie somewhere between the range of $500 to $600. It claims to house a 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

Microsoft surface laptop
Image Courtesy: Windows Central

This 12.5-inch budget Microsoft Laptop will be powered by a 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor. Further, the device will run a Windows 10 S mode. While these specs describe the entry-level variant, the laptop should have other improved models.

With the release of Sparti, Microsoft will have a Surface device in every significant price range. The budget model will look and feel like the rest of the Microsoft Surface laptop series. Its compact size makes the device a great travel laptop.

With students being the target audience for this device, Microsoft is looking to make a dent in the budget market. It comes as a part of the tech giant’s wide-ranging effort to provide people with affordable access to its products. Microsoft might release this new Surface laptop around October 2020, along with other Surface products.


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