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Instagram Spotted Testing Reels Shortcut on Their App

The new Reels Button Shortcut on Instagram would replace the Explore button, which will be moved to the top of the Homepage Feed.

Instagram is testing Reels quite rigorously and it is not hidden that it wants to gauge on TikTok’s audience. After the government of India’s ban on 59 Chinese apps, Instagram released the feature in the Indian market quite soon. Now, accessing Reels is going to be easier after Instagram is making a shortcut to it, replacing the Explore tab.

Why Instagram Reels Needed a Shortcut?

TikTok was evidently popular in the masses due to its instant access to short videos directly as the app was opened. Instagram Reels was introduced with a similar video watching experience in mind and has garnered a huge audience. Now, Instagram wants to make accessing the Reels section easier by introducing a shortcut button to it, directly in the footer of its mobile apps.

Instagram Reels Shortcut UI change button
Image Courtesy: NDTV Gadgets 360

Clearly, Instagram wants to get more users on board to Reels, hence it is making the right moves. Clicking on the Reels Shortcut button gets users to the new reels section. Afterward, a random Reel starts playing, which can be moved to the next one by swiping. You might think it is just like a clone of TikTok’s interface, which it is.

Why Can I Not See This New Option

While we are sure this option is being rolled out, it might be in testing. As a result of which, only some of the people in our team can view the new UI. We can expect it to slowly roll out to more devices on the latest version of the app.

You can always let us know down in the comments below, what you feel about this change. Well, I used the Explore tab a lot, so I am not in favor of the change. But we would like to know what you feel about it!


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