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Google VR Support Dropped With Android 11

Google was one of the biggest investors in Virtual Reality based technology, but over time this interest has slowly dried up. In 2019, the tech giant stopped selling its mobile-based Daydream View headset. However, that was just a start, as the release of Android 11 will cease all support for the VR platform.

In Google’s support page blog, it was announced that “The Daydream VR app is no longer supported by Google and may not work properly on some devices running Android 11 or later”. The app is no longer supported by Google. However, third-party apps that work with Daydream VR might still be available on the Play Store.

Google VR Support
Image Courtesy: vrfocus.com

Android 11 announces the end of Daydream VR

The Daydream VR app and headset was launched in 2016 when VR on smartphones was seen as a feasible option for investment. Google released a redesigned headset in 2017 that aimed to work against rival headset Gear VR. However, the venture never took off, prompting investors to jump ship for greener pastures. 

In 2019, Google’s Pixel 4 was released, which was the first occasion of Google dropping VR support. It was followed by halting the sales of its Daydream headset. However, Google hasn’t completely given up on VR technology. The Tilt Brush and Google Earth VR are still supported. But the company seems unlikely to return to the VR hardware business.

The rival technology of Augmented Reality (AR) is still being more favorable when it comes to mobile devices. Whereas VR sees itself on the edge of being completely shunned by Google. The deprecation of support for Google’s Daydream VR app and headsets came with reports surrounding new updates under works for the Live View AR feature launched last year by Google.


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