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Google to Announce Its New Budget Phone, Pixel 4a on August 3

The search engine giant, Google on Thursday added a teaser page to the Google Store with its new phone, the Pixel 4a. The page said that its next budget smartphone, the Pixel 4a will launch on August 3. The smartphone was earlier expected to be announced in May this year. Google has teased the Pixel 4a on its store, and we will get to see it on the coming Tuesday.

The upcoming smartphone from Google is a successor to its predecessor, the Pixel 3a. Google launched Pixel 3a last year for $399 and offered some features of the more expensive Pixel 3, like the high-end camera. Though the majority of the US market is dominated by Apple and Samsung, Google’s low-cost Pixel phones have managed to increase its sales.

From Google’s Words

Google to Announce Its New Budget Phone, Pixel 4a on August 3
Image: Teaser Page on Google Store

The page on the company’s online store says, “The Google: Just What You’ve Been Waiting For Phone” will be revealed on August 3. You need to tap on the six boxes and match the colors to that of Google’s logo to see the message. If you are trying to see the actual message, you need to match the following sequence of colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Red. Google also shared similar messaging and images on social media. The Made by Google Twitter account also suggests a new phone is about to come in less than a week.

With the launches of this year, Pixel 4a seems to compete directly with Apple’s new iPhone SE 2020. The iPhone SE 2020 price starts at $399.

Expected Specifications

Google hasn’t revealed any detail about the phone yet, not even the name. The only thing they teased the visitors is with a “Lorem Ipsum” text, along with the date on its store page. The text seems to give references to the Pixel 4a’s display, punch hole, and cameras in Google’s because of the presence of the words like “lowlightena,” “bokehus,” and “megapixelum.” However, a few leaks also claim some details like, the phone will feature a 5.8-inch OLED display with Qualcomm’s 730 chipset. They also claim the RAM size of 6GB, 64GB storage, and a 12-megapixel camera.

For sure we don’t know the exact details about the upcoming device from Google but one thing is sure that Google is going to release a phone on August 3. We’ll get to see all the details, features, price, and availability of the phone on the launch date, which is not far away.


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