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Google Launches Grasshopper Gallery on Desktop for Coding Students

Programming is gaining more and more popularity, as this field is rapidly developing. More and more students dream of learning to code. Studying in college takes quite a lot of free time. Therefore, for those who are additionally involved in the study of coding is difficult. So if you’re having trouble with a writing assignment, you might be wondering where to find a writer who could write a speech for me to prevent failure. We advise you to seek help from an online service created to help students with academic assignments.

Two years ago, Google launched Grasshopper, an app for people with no previous coding experience to learn to code. Since its launch in 2018, millions of people have learned fundamental programming concepts, claims Google. The app has grown very popular among students who are enthusiastic about coding and developing their coding skills. The app, as Google says, “has been helping increase access to coding education and helping prepare people for career opportunities in technology.”

Now Google has announced the launch of the Grasshopper Gallery on “desktop” to provide students a place where they can build and create apps, mini-games, or webpages. The tech giant shared the news through a tweet yesterday.

What Grasshopper Gallery Offers

Google Launches Grasshopper Gallery on Desktop for Coding Students

Grasshopper is a core learning platform with a curriculum where students go through guided exercises and learn key coding concepts. In this student-centric learning environment, students across the world learn basic coding concepts like functions, variables, loops, etc. and gain confidence. Now with the launch of the Grasshopper Gallery, the students will be able to apply the skills learned through the Grasshopper app to create visualizations, webpages, mini-games, etc. in the Gallery. According to Google, you can start building things using your own imagination and creativity.

You Can Show Off Your Creations

One more important thing that is present in the Gallery is that people can share their creations with their friends and family. Not just this, you can even use the Gallery to build your own coding portfolio and showcase your abilities and skills to your potential employers.

This is a good initiative from Google for the students who are learning to code. Now they have a free of cost platform to use the skills learned from the core Grasshopper curriculum. Moreover, Google has assured that they’ll continue helping adult beginners to pursue their career dreams.

Grasshopper app is available on all platforms, ie. AndroidiOS, and Desktop. If you’ve already learned coding skills from the core Grasshopper curriculum, you should practice using your skills on Grasshopper Gallery.


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