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Google Chromebooks will soon get feature to restore apps on Startup

Google Chromebooks aren’t like ordinary laptops. With Chrome OS by Google, Chromebook uses cloud storage with multiple layers of security. When you close Google Chrome or turn off Chromebook, all the apps and sessions are usually closed. It means when you start your Chromebook, nothing except a few necessary programs/apps will run on startup unless you manually run it. Apparently, Google is updating it giving more control to the users.

Chromebooks Will Let User Restore Apps on Startup

Google has updated its Chromebook Settings app with new controls on startups for apps and pages. Here are the three options available at your disposal: 

Chromebook Apps restore on startup
Image via Chrome Story
  • Always

You don’t need a rocket science degree to understand these options. Selecting “Always” under Chromebook Settings >> On Startup will restore apps, sessions, tabs, and pages when you turn on your Chromebook. It means you can exactly return to that particular webpage on Chrome or any particular session on any app where you left.

  • Ask every time

Now, you don’t want apps and sessions to restore whenever you start your Chromebook. There could be hundreds of reasons behind it. “Ask every time” lets users have control over whether they want apps and sessions to restore when they turn on the laptop. You can either agree or disagree for apps to restore. The option keeps popping up every time you turn on the laptop without any doubt.

  • Do not restore

Lastly, this particular option will let go of any apps or sessions from restoring itself on startup. This is something you can select if you don’t wish any apps to resume unless you don’t want to.

If you are using Google Chrome, you might have seen a similar feature which is restricted to the browser only. You can either let the browser startup afresh or let it resume with tabs where you left. Lastly, you can program it to specify the page(s) you want Google Chrome to load when you open the browser. 

Apparently, this feature to restore apps on Chromebook is limited to the Canary version of Chrome OS. Google issues features and updates to its Canary version of Chrome OS before rolling out as a stable update which is widespread. The same applies to Google Chrome where the features are first tested on the Canary version before going for the regular Google Chrome browser. 

How to Set Up Restoring Apps and Pages on Startup?

It is a pretty straightforward process to set it up. Simply go to the Chromebook Settings app, navigate to “On Startup” on the left pane. Check out “Restore apps and pages” and toggle the settings as required.

As of now, this feature is limited to the Canary channel. It will still take some time for the feature to arrive on the Stable channel on Chromebook. 


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