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Google Chat To Get Unthreaded Rooms Support From November 16

Google has announced through its official blog that from November 16 onwards, Google Chat will get unthreaded rooms by default. Currently, group conversations in Google are always threaded, since the launch of the messaging service by Google. But now, the company is bringing a major change by making the rooms in Google Chat unthreaded. Last month we told you that Google Chat is going free and will replace Hangouts next year completely.

Starting November 16, Google Chat will begin rolling out the new feature for its users. But, it will also provide an option to toggle chat history on or off in unthreaded rooms. Users will see a new “Use threaded replies” option, which will let them organize the group chats into different threads. However, once a room is created, users will not be able to change thread settings. It means that if a user creates an unthreaded chat room, he won’t be able to change it to threaded.

Existing Rooms Will Have No Effect

Google has said that existing chat rooms will have no impact due to the upcoming feature arriving this month. Users will be able to use existing threaded chat rooms as usual. It will give users the flexibility to create any type of chat room — threaded or unthreaded. After November 16, Google Chat will allow users to create as many unthreaded rooms as they want.

Google Chat To Get Unthreaded Rooms Support From November 16
Image courtesy: Google Blog

The blog also reads that this feature will be enabled by default for admins, and they would be able to set room history settings for unthreaded rooms. On the other hand, for end-users, unthreaded rooms will now be the default. They would be able to turn on threaded replies only when they create a new chat room. 

Google Chat will have a full rollout for unthreaded rooms from November 16, 2020. Though, it may take 1-3 days for ‘full’ feature visibility, says Google. Speaking of availability, the new feature will roll out for all business customers. These include Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education, Enterprise for Education, and Nonprofits customers.


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