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Fresh Season Brings Fresh Call of Duty: Warzone Bugs

Infinity Ward rolled out the major season 6 updates for Call of Duty: Warzone. It brought tons of new features and upgrades to the game. These additions are expected to pave a way for the speculated transition to the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. But it also came with fresh Call of Duty: Warzone bugs. 

The first major bug in the update is associated with the newly added weapon AS VAL Assault Rifle. This glitch, affecting both Modern Warfare and Warzone, allows players to kill an opponent through the walls without a damage reduction. This glitch was uploaded on Twitter by @WhiteChickenYT. Here is the original tweet.

The bug in question allowed the player to kill an opponent while there were six walls between the two. The more surprising part is what happens when you add the FMJ perk to your weapon.

It is supposed to improve bullet penetration. However, it worsened the bullet penetration for the AS VAL. This might be because the FMJ perk corrects the bullet penetration values, which were broken by the 10-round magazine attachment.

Call of Duty: Warzone bugs enter the Gulag

The list of Call of Duty: Warzone bugs which break the game doesn’t end yet. Another glitch to hit the popular battle royale game is affecting the game’s Gulag feature. For those unaware, Gulag is a place where players killed in Warzone fight in a 1v1 battle. The winner of the battle gets revived on the Warzone map.

However, the new glitch causes players to temporarily teleport from the Gulag to the Warzone map before even getting to finish their match. This has led to instances where players managed to kill unsuspecting opponents before being sent back to Gulag. 

Along with the self-revive glitch which means players cannot revive themselves on the newly added subway, Infinity Ward is getting barraged with flak towards these game-breaking Call of Duty: Warzone bugs. It remains to be seen how quickly the developers will manage to fix these issues, as there have been no official comments yet.


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