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Flipkart Leap is a Startup Accelerator Programme To Help Scale Companies

Flipkart Leap to Identify B2B and B2C Startups and Help Them Scale-Up Through an Intensive Virtual 16-Week Programme

Flipkart Leap
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Indian E-Commerce giant Flipkart launched its first accelerator program for startups. This will help these upcoming startups to grow and contribute to the growth of the economy in India.

How Flipkart Leap Will Benefit Startups?

Flipkart Leap has the aim of identifying B2C and B2B startups and helping them scale up with their 16-week program. This is all a product of Flipkart’s ongoing expertise in DevOps, product catalog, technology, operations, and business. Moreover, this program will have master class sessions who can share the best practices to follow to these startups.

Flipkart Leap Startup Landing Page

As per Flipkart, this program can provide the right knowledge, tools, ecosystem, and frameworks for startups to grow and create world-class products. This can be only done by thoughts driven by values and by building market-ready solutions for the demand.

The focus of Flipkart Leap is to use digitization and advancement in technology that could transform the landscape of startups. These can provide disruptive solutions that could change the face of e-commerce in the upcoming years.

Scene of the Indian Startup Market

As of today, India’s startup ecosystem is the third-largest in the world with consistent annual growth of 12% to 15%. Economic reports suggest the birth of 2 to 5 startups every single day, most of which don’t grow well due to lapse in strategies. This is exactly what Flipkart plans to elevate with its startup accelerator program.

Application for Flipkart Leap Programme

The applications for Flipkart’s startup accelerator program Flipkart Leap begin today itself, i.e., August 10. For more information regarding the program, you can visit Flipkartleap. Flipkart also mentioned an email ID for queries regarding the program, where concerns can be addressed.

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