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Fact-Checking Chatbot a Bestowal from Whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications when it comes to connecting people throughout the world by a simple text, call, or even with the option of video conferencing. But this app that has an active user coverage of 1.5 billion in over 180 countries and a daily registration of about 1 million people has certain drawbacks too.  As there has been a lot of instances when the application has been used as a bearer of fake news causing the spread of a lot of misinformation among the people.

On Monday, to tackle this problem of falsehood, WhatsApp announced its partnership with Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) and has introduced a feature of a chatbot to minimize this danger. For now, this tool is available only in the English language but the company is currently working on providing other language options too like Hindi and Telugu.

How to Use It

To use this tool, you can either just simply save this number +1 727-291-2606 on your phone or can click on this link from the device that has preinstalled WhatsApp. Once you save the number drop a text on the chat saying ‘hi’ to have access to various options provided by the feature.

How to Use Fact-Checking Chatbot
Image: Dainik Bhaskar

In the ‘Search for fact checks’ option, you can simply search for any information that you want, just by typing the key phrases or a short sentence. The chat even brings two recently fact-checked information backed by the link of the organization’s page that did the fact-checking. The user will also get answers in just true or false on the information provided. It also provides direct information searches by providing the latest fact checks and helps in finding fact-checkers near you.

IFCN is working hard towards optimizing this feature by accessing the database from over 80 fact-checking organizations from 74 countries. They’ve identified about 4000 false information related to the novel coronavirus which seems shocking.

Let’s promise ourselves not to be the bearer of false information that can cause serious discomfort to many.


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