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Facebook’s New Design for Desktop With Dark Mode is Now Live Worldwide

Facebook was working on the redesign of the desktop version of Facebook.com for quite some time. It started rolling out the new design to the majority of its users in March. Only users who opted to browse Facebook.com on the new interface were provided with the new design. Facebook now states that all its users across the globe will get access to it. The company announced that its new desktop design is now available worldwide. The new design comes with a much-awaited feature of dark mode. In addition to this, the look of the new design is entirely different from the previous one. It comes with streamlined navigation and reduced clutter on the homepage. Facebook boasts the new version to be faster than the previous one. The interface is claimed to be easier to use as well.

Facebook’s New Redesigned Desktop Site With Dark Mode is Live Worldwide
Image: Facebook

Apart from the dark mode, there are many improvements done to the homepage. The new layout features a smoother News Feed and provides ample space on both the left and right columns. More icons are added to the menu bar with increased size. It is now easier to navigate to your favorite videos, pages, messenger, and settings.

How to Switch Facebook to New Design and Turn on Dark Mode

If you are excited to browse Facebook.com on your desktop with a new look, then you may need to turn on the new design first. To switch to the new interface and turn on the dark mode immediately, follow the given steps:

  1. First click on the down arrow (which you earlier used to log out) at the end of the top menu bar.
  2. Now click on “Switch to new Facebook.” You are now able to browse the new design of Facebook.
  3. To turn on dark mode, click the same down arrow again and toggle dark mode from off to on.

The new design is much pleasant in looks and has easier navigation. If you get familiar with the new look of Facebook.com then this new interface will be much easier to use.


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