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Boston Dynamics CEO Reveals Its Near Future Plans for Logistics Robots

Boston Dynamics is known for creating robots to work in real-life situations and do tasks in need. Recently the company deployed a quadrupedal robot called SPOT on the streets of Singapore to encourage social distancing. Now the company’s focus on creating robots for logistics purposes is getting more serious, and the company now has some cool plans in the future. Boston Dynamics’ CEO Robert Playter revealed its near-future plans for logistics robots in an interview with TechCrunch recently.

Future of Boston Dynamics Robots

After the company has made the purchase of the robot SPOT available in Europe and Canada, the demand for the dog robot has increased significantly. It is also sensible to use the robots for doing things in such a time of chaos when there is a fear that coronavirus may infect people. Playter said that people now realize the importance of having a physical proxy for themselves. He added that people realize, “to be able to be present remotely might be more important than we imagined before.”

The company CEO said that the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the sense of urgency for exploring this technology. The company CEO also mentioned they’re working to lower the price of Spot and make it affordable.

Boston Dynamics’ another multitasking robot, Handle, is used to move boxes in higher and lower shelves of storage and compact them for easy transportation. The company is now working on the upper version of Handle that will launch in 2022. The bot manufacturing company says that they are already receiving orders from customers for the testing prototypes. Another product from Boston Dynamics, Pick, is a depalletizing vision system that works by attaching it to another commercial robot.

Playter said that the company is having big plans in logistics. He said they would create new logistics products in the coming two years. He also hinted to announce something (robot) in 2021, which will be available in 2022.


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