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Bentley Installs Living Green Wall at The Heart of Its Operations in Crewe

Bentley Motors, the British luxury car manufacturer, has installed a living wall at its headquarters and production facility in Crewe, United Kingdom. According to Bentley Media, the wall is designed to increase biodiversity, and it is its latest step in becoming the “world’s most sustainable luxury car manufacturer.”

The living wall lies on the side of the main production hall of Bentley Motors in South Cheshire. It contains over 2,600 plants of various species grown locally in the UK. The company boasts it to be the first of its kind wall in the entire South Cheshire.

Types of Plants in Bentley Green Wall

Bentley Installs Living Green Wall at The Heart of Its Operations in Crewe
Image courtesy: Bentley Media

The living green wall installed by Bentley Motors at its headquarters includes 28 species of ferns, grasses, and evergreens. All the species are grown locally in the United Kingdom. The plants grown are selected in such a way that the walls will thrive and remain green throughout the year. Also, the company has used the smart systems to prevent unnecessary losses of water.

According to the company, each plant is individually potted, and the whole installation uses a ‘special’ automated watering system. It will ensure the plants receive the right amount of water, preventing unnecessary water usage irrespective of the outside weather.

Benefits of Green Wall Installation

According to Bentley, the installation of the living wall will benefit the company’s headquarters and production facility in many ways. It says that the living wall is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to sustainability. Not just this, the whole installation will also contribute to its aim to reduce the environmental impact.

In fact, the company’s factory site had also received the carbon-neutral certificate from the Carbon Trust an year ago. The living wall setup will further help the company reduce carbon from the atmosphere. As per the company’s estimates, the living wall will produce around 40 kg of oxygen in a year. Moreover, it will absorb heat, filter toxins, and dust, and provide natural insulation to the company’s headquarters.


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