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Apple Updates iMac Lineup with SSDs, Nano Texture Displays, and More

Its been a while since Apple last updated its iMac lineup, and they finally did it. They announced these changes in their Press Release where you can learn in-depth about the upgrades. The majority of updates have been made to the 27-inch version of the iMac, including newer display, graphics performance, and more.

Apple iMac Updated for the 27 inch Version
Image Courtesy: Apple Newsroom

Updates to the 27-inch iMac

The first update to the 27-inch iMac is relative to its performance. With Apple finally using Intel’s latest 6/8 core processors, along with an option to get up to 10 processor cores in the 27-inch version of the iMac. The maximum memory or RAM limit is also now doubled to 128GB. GPU performance has also got a raise with AMD’s Radeon Pro 5000 graphics. These offer up to 55 percent better performance compared to previous models which came with Radeon Pro Vega 48 graphics.

On the storage front, all the new models get SSD’s for storage instead of the slower Fusion Drives used previously. The maximum storage you can get is also 4 times more than previous iMac’s with up to 8TB of fast SSD drives. For security, Apple even added its custom-built T2 security chip, used in MacBooks earlier. This offers secure boot and file encryption on the SSD drives, to ensure you are secure and safe.

The display is still of 5K resolution as before but now has a nano-texture glass option. This was first seen in Apple’s Pro Display XDR and is said to minimize reflections. The display now also supports True Tone technology, adjusting white balance according to lighting conditions of the room. The FaceTime camera is now of 1080p resolution for better clarity and image quality. Apple also claims the T2 chip brings tone mapping, exposure control, and face detection, as well as a better audio experience. Lastly, the new iMac 27-inch has a new studio-quality microphone array, just like the latest MacBooks.

Upgrades to the 21-inch iMac and iMac Pro

Apple also announced some simple but essential upgrades to the 21-inch iMac and iMac Pro. The 21-inch iMac now comes standard with SSDs across the board, while users can still add Fusion Drives is they wish to. The iMac Pro update is regarding its processor, as it comes with a standard 10-core Xeon processor now.


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