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Android Users To Receive Four Years Of Update!

The upcoming year is a big one for Android users. Android Users will receive green robot updates and security patches for four years. As shared by Google, owners of 2021 flagships starting with Snapdragon 888 can get their hands on this extended support.

The update is the result of the collaboration between Qualcomm and Google. Both of them have worked together to make sure that the OEMs can have this update without changing the software of the chip. It would result in the slackening of the cost of software release. The venture would also result in the reduction of preparation time required for the updates. However, already existing devices in the market cannot avail of this update.

Android to receive updates for 4 years
Image Courtesy: Android Police

Although the future Pixel smartphone users are all set for this 4-year support, no other Android smartphone manufacturer has confirmed taking up this initiative of Google and Qualcomm. However, Samsung might be the next in line for scoring this support, having transferred its flagships to a 3-year update cycle this year. Apart from these, smartphones based on Android 11 are likely to switch to 4-year updates and security patches support.

One thing that is common in each of these is that the update will be on the table for future customers and not the existing users. Thus, Google and Qualcomm’s initiative might not be a complete winner, but it is indeed a great start. The future of Android smartphones still depends on the manufacturers of mobile devices.    


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