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Android 12 Updates Will Be Delivered via Google Play Store to All the Android Smartphones

Android has gained the popularity of the most famous smartphone operating system over the past years. But lately, the delivery of the latest Android updates for bug fixes and basic security patches has become quite hectic for many smartphone manufacturers. Usually, smartphone manufacturers take months or even a year to release the new Android update. On the contrary, Google smartphones like Pixel and Nexus back in the days always received the updates first. And they were greatly appreciated for the stock and bloatware experience they provide.

Android Updates Will Be Delivered via Google Playstore
Image Courtesy: GetDroidTips

Finally, to counter that Google has introduced Project Marine. Project Marine will provide easy access to the new android version to users and smartphone manufacturers. Since the last few years, Google used Android Runtime (also known as ART) but now it is being converted into a Mainline module allowing Google to deliver updates smoothly to all the users.

Project Marine gives Google more privilege over Android as an open-source operating system. This means Google will be to distribute the upcoming Android 12 and further security updates on Play Store. This will allow the users to directly update their smartphone to the latest security patch or android version when Google will release the new update on its Play Store. This, however, will drastically reduce the control over updates by private smartphone makers.


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