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Android 11 Beta release comes to Asus Zenfone

Asus has been the first major smartphone manufacturer to bring Android 11 to its customers. Available to Zenfone 6 users, the latest update provides you with an Android 11 beta build on your smartphone. The beta’s added features come bundled with Asus exclusive functionality. The update gave all Zenfone 6 systems an upgrade to Android 11.

Users should create any required data backups before they switch to Android 11. This helps ASUS ensure those uninterested users to have a path to return to Android 10 through official software packages. The backups are meant to prevent any loss of data when downgrading the operating system. However, this switch to Android 11 beta means several third-party apps can no longer be run on Zenfone 6 devices. 

What comes with the Android 11 beta update?

The latest update made a host of changes to the ZenUI apart from just introducing Android 11. These changes include the removal of Private Listening and ZenUI Help. Further, the manufacturer put additional emphasis on the integration of PowerMaster functionality within device battery settings.

Another feature to disappear from the Asus Zenfone 6 was the Avast scanning engine. After that, Asus stripped the smart group alignment and icon pack functions. Instead, users can now organize app icons across screens by tapping the empty area.

The phone will now feature a brand new ZenUI design. It will support Bluetooth connections on airplane mode. Users can keep up to date with all the latest updates with notifications history and bubbles settings. While this is a beta update, it will feature navigation support for third-party launchers.

This beta update is available to Zenfone 6 users registered under the beta testing program. The update is around 1.3 GB in total size and it is available for download.


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