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Amazon Launches Project Zero in Seven New Countries To Fight Fake Products

Amazon has announced the expansion of Project Zero, an anti-counterfeit program to seven new countries. The company is taking its program to Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. Project Zero will now be available in 17 countries, announced the company on Monday midnight.

Project Zero is an Amazon program designed to help brands fight fake products on Amazon’s e-commerce platform. It intends to protect and empower the brands using the machine learning capabilities.

The program was launched back in 2019 to ensure that the customers always receive authentic goods when shopping on the e-commerce platform. According to Amazon, over 10,000 brands, including BMW, ChessCentral, LifeProof, Veet, and many others, have already enrolled in the program.

How it Helps Brands

Amazon Launches Project Zero in Seven New Countries To Fight Fake Products

As per Amazon, Project Zero makes use of three key components to protect and empower brands:

1.. The ML-powered automated protections of Amazon continuously scan more than 5 billion daily product listings globally. The system then automatically prevents and blocks suspicious/counterfeit listings. 

2. Project Zero directly empowers the brands and provides them self-service tools to directly remove the counterfeit listings from the Amazon store. The automated protections also feed the removed listings to catch potential counterfeit listings in the future.

3. The third component is product sterilization, a technique using a unique code that brands apply to their products within their manufacturing or packaging process. The system individually scans and confirms the authenticity of every single purchase on Amazon stores.

Project Zero in India

The e-commerce giant had launched Project Zero in India in November 2019 to block counterfeit goods. Project Zero was first announced by Amazon in February 2019 and since then, it has now reached 17 countries today. Using machine learning to fight counterfeit goods is one major example of harnessing technology to control online frauds.


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