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Amazon Fire TV adds a New “Free” Tab to its Menu

Amazon Fire TV recently introduced a new “free” section to its menu. Fire TV now makes it easier for customers to find free movies, news, television shows, and other content. The free content is available across various apps. According to the Amazon Fire TV Blog, when you enter the tab, there appears a featured apps row that includes some of the most popular free, ad-supported streaming apps. They include apps like IMDb TV, Pluto TV, and Amazon’s News app. Other apps that offer free content like Twitch, Red Bull, PBS Kids, etc. can also be found there.

Amazon said that the free tab will be refreshed regularly. It also said most of it consists of a collection of curated and thematic rows of movies and TV shows from their content providers.

In Amazon’s Own Words

In a blog post Amazon’s Michael Polin wrote, “Over the past year, we’ve received great feedback from Fire TV customers about their growing interest in watching free content and their desire for an easier way to find the free content that is available on Fire TV.” Adding further, he said, “We wanted to build a curated experience that provides a simple way for customers to find movies and shows they love while also highlighting apps that offer free to watch content they may not have known about.”

Amazon offers thematic, horizontal rows of curated content below the free content apps. It includes a set of personalized recommendations of free movies and TV shows across various categories. The categories include the content marked as new, trending and popular, etc. and a complete row dedicated to Amazon’s News app on Fire TV. Users will have access to more than 20,000 free movies and TV episodes across different apps like IMDb TV, Pluto TV, and many others.

Free tab in Amazon Fire TV is already live in the United States since 13 May.


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