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A Guide on How to Become a Pro Gamer in Rust

Without a doubt, Rust is one of the best online multiplayer survival games available. The game is competitive, and it is unquestionably a joy for people who enjoy multiplayer games. The world of Rust is likely to overwhelm a novice player.

Rust is all about staying alive. So, if this is your first-time using Rust or improving your skills, be sure to follow this article. This guide will teach you all you need to know to become a total survival expert and follow these rust cheats.

How to become a Pro Gamer in Rust

The Service Providers

The first significant decision you’ll have to make before starting the Rust game is which server to play on. If you’re a new player, joining a server with many other people is probably not a good idea. If you do this, you are likely to become discouraged fast because you will not be able to endure long in the face of highly talented players.

Instead, look for a server that is appropriate for your skill level. You may easily do this by heading to the menu’s ‘community servers’ option and looking for a good server for beginners or practice.

Your Foundation

It’s all about making the right decisions and employing the best methods in this game. You’ll need to select a suitable location to set up a base and hide. The base should ideally be surrounded by essential resources that will aid your progress in the game. For a firm foundation, you’ll want to concentrate on accumulating a large amount of wood.

The greatest site to create a base, for example, needs to be in the woods or near an old town, where you’ll find plenty of resources and, more importantly, protection. Also, keep in mind that the foundation you create will deteriorate over time. As a result, you’ll need to be proactive in maintaining and caring for your base.

It is preferable to build two or more rooms with closed doors to store your possessions rather than one large one. To prevent theft, it is a good practice to lock your doors behind you if you want to go outdoors, just like you would in real life. There is nothing more devastating in Rust than losing your whole collection of items.

Make cautious not to keep all of your stuff in a single base, as you may come to regret it later. It’s preferable to keep your things on multiple bases and, more significantly, give the impression to other players that you don’t have many items or resources.


If you’re a new player, starting with little monuments is preferable because they have no radiation. Small monuments also have a small and fair amount of loot. Protective gear found in these loots will assist you in preparing to enter radioactive monuments and abandoned structures.

Focus on Your Goal

You can begin by practicing on an aim training server found in the modded server area. You should aim for the head like you should in any online multiplayer or first-person shooter game. It’s pointless to shoot at the knees in Rust. The player may bleed blood, but they will not suffer any damage or lose health.

If you find yourself on a server with many experienced players or cheats and want to win the game at all costs, you should consider employing one of the various rust hacks available.


In this game, you’ll be performing a lot of farming. The majority of professional players advise that farming should be done in moderation. While a player can take some time off and acquire many resources, this time is worthless if they perish right after putting in all the effort.

Campfires and torches

Nothing is worse than walking about with a torch at night and being an easy target for your opponents. One of the differences between a beginner and an experienced player is the latter knows how to take advantage of the dark.

Additionally, when lighting a campfire at night, exercise caution. Make every effort to complete your cooking during the day, if at all possible. Keep track of how much food you have on hand and how much you’ll need to cook to survive and endure longer.

Final Thoughts

If you follow all of the tips and practices in this guide, you will be well on your way to being a successful professional gamer. Always place a high priority on mastering the fundamentals before moving on to more sophisticated plans and techniques.


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