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5G’s Dwindling Future in the Times Of the Pandemic

The inception of the evolution of cellular network technology started in the 1980s. And now, the advancement in the field of technology has enabled us to broaden the spectrum of cellular network technology. The 5G cellular technology is now ready to hit the markets to set out a global impact, that would be a mark of commencement for the 4th Industrial Revolution.  

The USA Giving a Tough Fight

The major countries to introduce this revolutionary up-gradational change are- South Korea, China, and the USA. Among these, China has emerged to be the largest 5G network. But slowly, the 5G adoption rate in the USA has started to boom. The figures are quite astounding because now, the USA has a higher adoption rate than China.

Graph that shows the weekly adoption rate of 5G handsets across China and US
Image: AndroidHeadlines

According to a recent study, when there are 10 5G models sold in the USA, it is 29 in China. So, as per the current pace of adoption in the USA, it is predictable that the numbers are surely going to rise with a robust thrust. But suddenly there was a bit drop in the sales while heading into April. The reason for this downfall was the lack of availability of 5G networks in the USA. The buyers felt that they were investing a huge amount on these gadgets for flagships, but they still aren’t in the position to access it.

Like, in the USA, the sale of the Samsung models- Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10 were at peak with an average sale for the first ten weeks above 200000. At the same time, the new Galaxy S20 series didn’t perform comparatively as well as these models did. the reason being the same, lack of the 5G network in the USA. As a result, the sales were not able to hit the target like the other two models and remained below the mark of 100000 units.

Is 5G’s Future Bright?

In the current situation, customers want phones that are affordable and convenient to access. Thus, making the 5G model sales quite stagnant for now. With the global handset market rising towards 5G in the forthcoming years, it is expected that sales, acceptability, and affordability will upsurge. 

Talking about India and its current cellular network status, it is far behind the USA and China to foster this technological up-gradation. The launching of the 5G model in the market can provide momentum to the handset market towards faster adoption of the 5G network. At the same time, may eventually lead to a probable downfall in the sales of 4G models.

The Condition of Distress – Coronavirus Impacting 5G Phone Markets

Due to the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, the last few months have turned out to be a doomsday for a lot of industries and markets, the handset market is one amongst them. China is one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of handset especially the 5G ones. Which has now started to drastically affect the market due to its ongoing battle with the pandemic. Due to the restriction of trade in most parts of China, it has resulted in the slowdown of the 5G model supply throughout Asia and the rest of the world. According to Counterpoint Research, China’s smartphone sales have declined by 22% in the first quarter due to weak demand and its inability to ship products. 

Smartphones Sales Share % of Key OEMs in China
Image: Counterpoint

At this point, the market is too volatile and the world is trying to recover so are the markets. Let’s wait for the 5G trend to get back in business.

We at AndroidFist are extremely grateful to all the people helping directly and indirectly by doing their part to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Stay home, stay safe.



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