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5 Best Torrent Client For Android to download Torrent files

Almost everyone online has probably downloaded a torrent file at some point. Torrenting is one of the most effective way of file sharing because it uses p2p BitTorrent technology. 

Torrent sites like Pirate Proxy, Kickass Torrents, etc can be used to download latest movies, music, tv shows in the form of torrents for free. 

Similarly, official sites of various Linux distros and software share their files as torrents legally. 

Downloading torrents is different from regular files. While the standard files may be downloaded using your browser, the Torrent files require a torrent downloader. 

There are various torrent downloader for Android on the Play Store that you can install on your device to download torrent files. Let’s go through the best torrent clients for Android that you can consider going for. 

Best Torrent Client for Android

Searching for a torrent download for your Android device? Given below is the list of the five best torrent clients that you can use for free-

1. uTorrent

uTorrent is one of the most popular torrent clients for Android phones and tablets. With uTorrent, you can download files without any speed and size limit. This is a lightweight app that uses peer-to-peer file sharing for downloading files. 

You can torrent with this app easily. You can even preview videos, music, and images directly from the app while they are downloading. 

The app lets you choose whether to download the files over mobile data or Wi-Fi. Not only this, but you can also choose the download location where you want to download the file. 

2. BitTorrent

This is another popular and efficient torrent client for Android. This app lets you download files on both mobile data and Wi-Fi. 

BitTorrent doesn’t restrict you on speed limits and size limits. It means that no matter how big the file is, you can download it with the maximum download speed of your data plan. 

With BitTorrent, you can download torrents as well as magnet links. 

You can download multiple files together. It has an auto shutdown feature with which the app will automatically pause the download to save the data. 

3. TorrDroid

If you are looking for a torrent client to help you search for torrents and now only download them, then you should go for TorrDroid. 

You can search for the torrent on the search engine provided by the TorrDroid and download them, or manually download the files from the torrent on your device. 

With TorrDroid, you can download and share magnet links as well. Not only this, but you can download the limit to save data while downloading the files. 

You can open the files and preview them directly from the app. It allows you to download multiple files simultaneously. 

4. Flud 

Flud is one of the best torrent clients for Android, with support for Universal Plug and Play, Peer Exchange, uTorrent Transport Protocol, Peer Exchange, DHT, and NAT-PMP. 

You can easily download torrent files on this torrent client without any download speed limit. 

You can queue multiple files and download them sequentially or select which file to download first. 

You can switch between light and dark modes on this app. 

There’s no limit to how many files you can download. You can download big files without limits; however, if you are downloading files on a FAT32 SD card, you won’t be able to download files bigger than 4GB. 

5. LibreTorrent

Last but not least, LibreTorrent is a good torrent client, making downloading torrents easy. With this app, you can schedule the files you want to download on a priority basis. 

LibreTorrent also allows you to create torrents of big files. You can move files while downloading them on the app. 

It supports DHT, Peer Exchange, uTorrent Transport Protocol, etc. It also supports proxies for peers and trackers. LibreTorrent has a material UI design, and you can switch between dark and light themes.

Bottom Line:

Above is the list of the five best torrent download clients for Android that you can go for. 

You can install these apps and download torrent files for free on your Android phone or tablet.


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