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Xbox All Access: Microsoft’s Best Move for Next-Gen Consoles

In a day filled with announcements and leaks surrounding Xbox’s next-gen consoles, Microsoft introduced Xbox All Access. The announcement came after the leak of the prices of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. What’s more? The Xbox Series S reveal trailer was leaked on twitter by WalkingCat. Here is the original tweet that leaked the trailer.

The Xbox Series X is for players who are willing to pay for the highest graphics, priced at $499.99 to experience the best Xbox has to offer. On the other hand, Xbox Series S is the console for people who want to play without a care about graphics with its $299.99 price tag.

However, even with the two options, the consoles are still a sizable investment for many buyers. This is where Xbox All Access comes in the picture. 

What does Xbox All Access bring?

With the special subscription program of Xbox All Access, anyone can experience the Xbox Series X console at just $35 per month. When getting the Xbox Series S console, this subscription fee falls to just $25 per month. With monthly payments being a norm for everything from streaming services to purchases, this is Microsoft’s way to make a statement.

But Microsoft has gone beyond providing the bare minimum. The subscription gives you a console, but that’s not all. It also provides you with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This gives you access to the Xbox Game Pass on both console and PC, along with Xbox Live Gold access on the console.

It means that you get access to the best hardware and the best games to play on your console. The global pandemic has affected the finances of families across the globe. This makes Xbox All Access the most accessible option for people looking to get into the console market. As we await potential reveals surrounding Sony’s PS5 on September 9, it is to be seen if Microsoft will face competition or seize a large chunk of the market with this move.


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